How to tell a joke like a pro

It’s easy to tell a joke. Here are some simple tips:

> Get off to a safe and relaxed start.

> Don’t laugh prematurely.

> Talk to the audience as if there is only one person in the audience.

> Know and choose good material, and the theme of the joke should be adapted to the audience.

> Build up to the end of the joke and increase voice changes, animations, and exaggerations as you near the end of the joke.

> Pick a joke on a topic that you are familiar with and comfortable with.

Here is an example:

“A big game hunter walked into a bar in Banff, Canada and bragged to everyone in the bar about his hunting skills. He was a real shooter. He bragged that anyone could blindfold him and would recognize the skin of any animal when touch it and if he found the bullet hole he would even tell them the caliber of the fatal bullet.

People started to look away from his swagger and then the hunter said, “I’ll prove it! If I guess your question is correct, you buy a round of drinks and if I lose, I will buy a round of drinks.”

So the bet was on. He was carefully blindfolded and one of the golfers brought him to his first animal skin. After feeling it for a few moments, he announced “Bear”. Then he felt the bullet hole and declared: “I shoot with a .308 rifle.” He was correct.

They brought him another skin, one that someone had in the trunk of their car. He took a little longer this time and then said, “Elk, he shot with a 7mm Mag rifle. He was right again. During the night, he proved his skills over and over again, each time against a round of shots.

Finally, he staggered up to his hotel room, drunk, and fell asleep. His wife was already asleep when he arrived. The next morning he got up and saw in the mirror that he had a black eye. He told his wife, “I know I was drunk last night, but not enough to fight and not remember. Where did I get this black eye?”

His wife angrily replied, “I gave it to you. You got into bed and put your hand in my panties. Then you fiddled around a bit and loudly announced,” Skunk, killed with an ax. “

First, if you want to tell this joke, keep the following in mind:

> Make sure you are comfortable with the topic and read the joke several times to fully familiarize yourself with the story.

> Relax before you start.

> It’s a good joke to tell your friends in a bar.

> Vary your voice when the hunter speaks and when your wife speaks.

> Pause before punching.

Here is another example:

One Christmas the family came home to celebrate. The four children in the family were successful and had become wealthy doctors and lawyers. During the break, they were eating out and talking about the great gifts they had given their elderly mother, who lived in a distant city, for Christmas.

The first brother says, “I have built a great new house for Mom with her own private 9-hole golf course.”

The second brother says, “I spent a hundred thousand dollars to have a movie theater built for him in his new house.”

The third reads, “I ordered my regular Mercedes dealer to deliver a luxury convertible.”

The fourth brother says, “Well Mommy loves to read the Bible and you know how bad eyesight has gotten. I recently met a priest who told me about a parrot that can recite the whole Bible. It took twenty priests. plus 12 years to teach him all that, but today that parrot is so good you just need to say the chapter and the verse and he recites it. I had to promise to give a hundred thousand dollars to the Church every year for the next twenty years, but well mom is worth every penny.

Christmas is over and Mom sends her children a thank you note: In the first one, write “John, the house you built for me is so big that I only use one room, although I have to clean the whole house. Golf Of course Which is great – you know how I love to play, but I have trouble seeing where to hit the ball. Thank you so much though!

The second was told, “Charley, that theater has Dolby Surround and 50 people fit in easily. Wonderful! But all my friends and acquaintances are dead, I’m deaf and almost blind, so I never get there. But thanks for the good idea! “

On the third: “Pete, I’m too old to go on a trip and the groceries are delivered to me at home, so the Mercedes is rusting outside. But it was a good idea. Thanks a lot!”

And the fourth: “My dear Hank, you are the only child who thinks and cares about me enough to think of something I really enjoy. The chicken was delicious! Thank you very much!”

Practice this joke and before telling it remember to do:

> Become fully familiar with the story.

> Vary your voice for each of the four children

> Use your own judgment, but most like to make the fourth child, Hank’s voice, sound like he’s trying to impress the other three too much.

> Change your voice to an older woman at the end and pause before the punchline.

Here are two final tips for making a joke easily:

> Tell the joke as if you were talking to one person. This makes you less self-aware and your audience will engage with you better. If you are distracting from eye contact with a listener, pretend that there is a wall behind the audience and you are speaking directly to imaginary people behind that imaginary wall.

> Beautify the details and animate them and build them to the end. To practice, watch your favorite comedians on YouTube and pay attention to their voice changes, embellishments, animation, exaggeration, and augmentation towards the end of the joke.

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