I can make you smarter by Paul McKenna

I can make you smarter by Paul McKenna

Paul McKenna has written a number of books, some of which I have read. He is a master hypnotist and uses self-hypnosis on the CDs that accompany the book series. He also uses NLP and other exercises, the book is backed by scientific research on how to use his brain more effectively. This book aims to increase your various intelligences from verbal to spiritual. There are mind maps and summaries after each chapter for a quick summary and review of learning.

I spent an unusual day yesterday reading this book. I wasn’t confined to my bed or being lazy, in fact I read the first chapter the night before and followed it up in the morning with my first cup. During the day I read between shopping and other tasks and by 9:55 pm I had finished the book.

It was an easy to read adventure on how to use your brain more effectively; One chapter led to the next so easily that I didn’t want to stop reading. There was one exception, a chapter on passing exams, well, not being a student was irrelevant to me, I don’t plan on taking exams, but it’s obviously very important for students reading this book.

There were exercises to practice inside the pages and the CDs (if I hadn’t done it before, I gave them to my student Granddaughter)! The CD’s are to be played at night to reinforce the exercises.

I have read several of Paul McKenna’s other books, but this one impressed me the most because I find brain development fascinating. The reason I’m drawn to it right now is because I’m trying to learn a lot of new techniques in my business and I’m not technical at all, in fact I’m quite a technophobe and I thought it would help with the challenges. I’ll have to see the result when I’ve been practicing the exercises for a while.

Things covered though were: improving your memory, speed reading, better decision making, and an excellent chapter with many wow moments on understanding where negative self-image developed and how to eliminate them and enhance your learning potential. a hundred times, and much more. .

It would be a great benefit to learn to type fast, read fast and make better decisions, become technically adept and confident in my ability, improve concentration and easily remember people’s names, and perhaps many more skills; I am ready for the challenge.

There are chapters on how you can learn anything, since learning is a natural ability, that age does not have to diminish. You are just as capable of learning at 90 as you are at 9, and there are scientifically proven exercises to keep your mind active in later years.

I need to get the CDs and try the full lessons. It would seem that this book could help everyone in all walks of life, from students to business people, and people who just want to improve their hobbies or sports, or even start a business. Everyone can find some benefit from your pages if they are prepared to take the suggestions to heart and follow the exercises.

My goal is to improve my online business skills and simplify tasks with a newfound confidence, so if starting your own business is on your agenda, I might as well help. Your own business could increase your income now and expand to take care of early retirement (follow my articles for more), but whatever your plans, learn to work smarter, not harder!

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