I had to put my dog ​​to sleep


Well, it was in August 2007, when I had to put the old ‘Bomber’ to ‘sleep’. It was a large dog, a mastiff cross, and it looked a bit like the shape of a Rhodesian ridgeback, with a beautiful slim head, and with loving and always humble brown eyes, which stared into mine, for what seemed like hours. , sometimes. He lived to the ripe old age of 15, in human years. So Bomber was a ‘retiree’ in his senior year, but he was always willing to walk and run a bit every day, at his own carefree pace. It is easier for me to write about him now, that time has passed, and I remember him fondly, always with a smile, but still with a small tear. He was my best friend for those 15 years, and boy, what adventures we had! He loved the ocean, and running behind me into the waves was one of his favorite things. I would try swimming in the open sea, swimming a couple of kilometers, because like Bomber, I also love to swim. The problem was that he would follow me to the ends of the earth! I would tell him to ‘stay’ and wait for me on land, but the crashing of the waves and the thrill of the water were just too exciting! Even the friends on the beach couldn’t stop him from running after me once he saw and heard that big, wild and exciting roar of the sea. Then, of course, there were times when he simply did not know his own strength or was aware of the size of his body. He was a very obedient dog, but sometimes it was too exciting if someone he knew walked down the street or came up to greet us. I remember going out for a walk in a local park, and the elderly neighbor, who needed a cane, gasped when Bomber jumped up to greet him, and then he drool all over his face licking, as he picked up. above! Fortunately, the knight knew and loved Bomber, and there were no broken bones! Bomber was gentle, but I don’t think he realized his size.

Of course, during our 15 years together, Bomber and I had mostly good times, but in the full and rich experience of this thing called life, we also went through difficult times together. The unexpected death of my girlfriend in 1999, who was also the mother of our first and only child, who tragically did not survive her birth in 1997. These experiences tore me apart, understandably, and during the period of grief and recovery, my best Companion Bomber was always there, by my side. Dogs know when you are emotionally depressed, as many dog ​​owners would know, and would often approach me while I was sitting on the couch reflecting, and resting his chin on my lap, wagging his tail, as if he wanted to. say, ‘Come on Greg, cheer up buddy, I know it’s hard, but you still have me’ …….. That’s one of the many memories I cherish from our time together.

I met Bomber at the ‘house of the lost dog’ here in Melbourne, Australia. A great organization that accepts stray dogs (and cats) and puppies, and puts them up for adoption to the general public. Sadly, many of the older dogs I saw there that were lost or abandoned are only kept for 8 days if they haven’t been adopted by then as the house simply doesn’t have the capacity to keep them for much longer. (So ​​folks, if I may ask you, consider rescuing an animal from such a place in your city, rather than buying it privately.) I went there on a whim, not really knowing if I wanted a dog or not, but I had been thinking about it. Well, I went to the ‘puppy adoption’ area, and there were about 7-10 puppies, in their separate pens. I walked from one side to the other greeting all the little angels, but one stood out from the rest. And this was Bomber. He was 2 months old when I bought it, and I couldn’t resist the humble and grateful way he greeted me every time I approached his pen. Ear’s back, tail bobbing wildly, I had to take it home with me, and I did. The veterinary assistant pointed out a huge scar on his hind leg that was well healed, but looked as if it had been cut when he was a few weeks old. The nurse asked me if I wanted to reconsider as Bomber may develop arthritis (I discovered canned fish: sardines, mackerel, salmon, all boneless, later in life helped with arthritis / joint stiffness) or complications with his leg later . U.S. I thanked him for this information, but there was no way he was going to leave this beautiful pup now. He had won my heart!

But life is good now. We must give ourselves time and space to mourn and reflect, and these memories I will always cherish, honor and celebrate. Because there is so much to celebrate and I feel like I am a richer person because of all that.

Rest in peace, my old friend.


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