Immigration Lawyers

An attorney is a person who advises clients on legal matters and represents them in the courts of law. A US immigration attorney handles matters related to foreign nationals entering the US temporarily or permanently. His line of work involves everything related to the rights, duties and legal obligations of foreigners in the United States. Immigration attorneys also handle the application process and procedures related to the neutralization of aliens who wish to become US citizens. They deal with legal issues related to refugees or asylees, people who cross the borders of the United States illegally, and people who illegally transport these people.

American immigration law is very complicated. It is constantly changing. An immigration attorney will be able to help you with issues such as obtaining a US work visa or another type of visa or a green card. They can also help with matters related to naturalization, immigration to the US for education, adopting a child from another country, obtaining asylum in the US, and other immigration matters. Consulting an immigration attorney ensures that a client’s immigration matters are handled in the best possible way. Immigration attorneys stay up-to-date on the changing rules and regulations of American immigration law. An immigration law attorney can help a person overcome and avoid many legal problems.

In certain cases, attorneys only orient their clients and provide basic legal consultation, which the client can pay for. Most of the time, in such cases, lawyers do not represent their clients in court. Organizations such as the American Bar Association have gladly embraced the concept, although this practice remains controversial in some segments of the legal fraternity. A person can find names of immigration attorneys who specialize in immigration law in the yellow pages of the Internet. Alternatively, state bar associations may also provide references. INS employees at the local office can also help immigrants.

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