Innovation - Twitter sets the pace in competition for App Clubhouse

Innovation – Twitter sets the pace in competition for App Clubhouse

The up-and-coming audio app Clubhouse faces competition from Twitter: The short message service is expanding the test run of its similar offering Spaces to more users. He sees opportunities to supplement the exchange of information on Twitter with conversations between users, said product manager Kayvon Beykpour on Thursday night in a conversation at Spaces.

Numerous users can take part in panel discussions at Clubhouse. Only some of them can speak at the same time. The app quickly gained popularity in recent months after appearances by celebrities, among other things.

Without video, the hurdle is lower

Beykpour also attributes the format’s success to the fact that the hurdle for participating in a conversation is lower without a video image. While Clubhouse limits the number of listeners to a talk show to 5,000, Spaces does not provide for any restrictions. Up to ten participants can speak at the same time, but there should be more over time.

Both services are currently only available to a limited extent. At Clubhouse there is a waiting list – or you need an invitation from a member. So far, Spaces has only tested a few thousand users and the conversations are only available in the Twitter app on the iPhone.

A few more points to clarify

Beykpour emphasized that many aspects are still in the works. So it has not yet been decided whether there should be a recording function for later listening. Currently, the conversations expire after the live stream ends. On the one hand, users are more relaxed, on the other hand, it is usually not worthwhile to listen to conversations in full afterwards. But he could imagine that it could be a useful function to be able to record interesting fragments of the discussion rounds for later sharing.

Twitter wants to develop new functions for the control of the conversation – for example the possibility to downgrade speakers who misbehave. Twitter has the advantage that there is already a network of tens of millions of users who follow each other on the platform. Meanwhile, Clubhouse was recently criticized for the fact that the app asks for access to the users’ contacts – so that they can find acquaintances with the app more quickly.

Founder and boss Mark Zuckerberg also commissioned Facebook to develop a competing clubhouse product, the New York Times wrote on Wednesday. “I’m surprised it took them so long to do this,” Beykpour commented on the news. Facebook is known to mimic popular functions of other social media services in its apps.

Indian Twitter competitor launches

In India, which is constantly in conflict and threatening Twitter, has now started its own Indian microblogging service called “Koo”. The Koo app won the “Atmanirbhar App Innovation Challenge” alongside other Indian applications such as Zoho and Chingari ?? a national version of TikTok and was founded by Aprameya Radhakrishna, who is currently the chairman of the board. According to the company, over three million people have already downloaded the app.

The specialty of Koo lies in the language versions. So all Indians should be able to use the service in their language. However, only in one language at a time. This means that when installing, you will be asked which language should be used and communication can then only be carried out in this language. You can choose from English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Assamese and Gujarati.(apa / dpa)

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