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L’Inter accepterait que Romelu Lukaku rejoigne les Diables rouges… seulement pour s’entraîner

Inter would accept Romelu Lukaku to join the Red Devils … only to train

Lukaku is reportedly available to train with the squad but could not take part in matches against Wales, the Czech Republic and Belarus.

Romelu Lukaku with the Devils, but only for training? The funny news comes from the Gazzetta dello Sport on Monday, which explains that the ALS gave the green light to Inter players to join their national team, but that the Milan club would refuse that they play the matches.

However, all the tests of Inter players scheduled for Monday would have to be negative, so that the ALS confirms its green light, after being requested by four national selections so that Inter players, who have identified several positive coronavirus cases in recent weeks, can join their national team.

But according to the Italian daily, Antonio Conte does not want his players to be able to play official matches, and would release them only to play training. The Milan club would make it a matter of principle.

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