Internet book review on Google and human knowledge

The Internet is perhaps the best communication device ever devised by mankind. The Internet is also a repository of all human knowledge. Of course, human knowledge wouldn’t be worth as much with a modernized ‘Dewey Decimal System’ to help someone find exactly what they’re looking for, right? Therefore, the Internet would not be of much value without search functions or search engines.

Today, the number one search engine is Google, in the past it has been something else. There used to be a lot of competition in the search space, but that hasn’t been the case in the last 5 years as Google has escaped the market. Over 70% of all internet searches now come from Google, that’s an incredible market share.

Apparently, the human race has spoken and chosen to vote with their clicks and minds for Google to retrieve relevant data. This is a great event in the lifestyle of human beings, it really changes everything. Google is literally indexing the world and making it all available in .02387603 seconds!

Of course, Google does not stop here in any way, every month they come out with new initiatives and ideas, at the same time, yes, at the speed of the Internet with the evolution of the virtual world online. In fact, the history and history and future history of Google is quite fascinating. I would like to recommend you a very good book on this subject.

“Planet Google: A Company’s Bold Plan to Organize Everything We Know” by Randal Stross (also author of eBoys); Free Press, a division of Simon and Schuster, New York, NY; 2008.

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