Internet Marketing for Artists – BlogTalkRadio

I know some artist friends of mine who are hosting their own internet radio shows for free at You can talk about your art as a promotional tool, talk about techniques and promote your coaching services, or even just talk about art appreciation. This is your show and you can talk about whatever you want.

The great thing about having your own show is that it builds a brand for your art business. People can listen to your program from all over the world because it is accessed from the Internet. Anyone with an Internet connection, whether in the US, Africa, or Europe, can search and find your program on BlogTalk. Think what that could mean for your business! You can create the online business of your dreams whether you are an artist, coach, author or any type of business.

You can get a lot of listeners very quickly by inviting people to be guests on your show. Everyone wants a chance to get promoted, so there is a chance that someone quite famous on your show will be invited. When all his fans tune in, your popularity will also increase. Networking has never been easier than with your own internet radio show. And did I mention it’s free? Whether you are trying to build a mailing list, promote your brand, or direct listeners to a website to purchase your products, this is the tool for you.

Speaking on a show is one thing. How to get listeners to sign up or buy your art is another. It’s easy if you have the proper training on website building, e-commerce systems, and email techniques. Investing in internet marketing training will ensure that you avoid making costly mistakes and start making money right away. Turn your art business from a hobby into a full or part time job by learning the proper techniques.

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