Vie intime des couples : cata ou... ça va ? Participez à cette étude de l'UCLouvain

Intimate life of couples: cata or … how are you? Take part in this UCLouvain study

Ah love … already in “normal” times it is not always easy but then in 2020, ” it’s the pompom“as Georgette would say, the waitress embodied by Isabelle Nanty in” Amélie Poulain “! The confinement of March, the fear, the anguish, the children to manage, teleworking for some, the economic consequences of the crisis, health, sanity: throw it away the yard is full …

But in truth, have all of these stressful factors had a significant impact on intimacy in couples? How did they experience them regarding their sexuality?

A first wave of study had been made by researchers in psychology, including Marie Géonet, doctor of psychology, sexologist and certified cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist. In fact, the first confinement, experienced as an acute event, had above all shook the “parental” part of the conjugality and surprisingly enough, the Belgians did not take into account a really pronounced discomfort concerning their sexuality, the researcher had underlined. Not that they had maintained the same level of intimacy, but in any case, it did not seem to them to be an element of questioning or of weakening the couple in the face of this unexpected situation.

But months later, while the difficulties persist, what now happens in the alcoves and in the minds? This will be the whole subject of the study launched by Marie Géonet and in which Belgians who have a couple relationship can participate from this link: / SV_9M2BbtToV0CYns1

A first in our country. Few surveys first focus on the intimate relationship of a couple, even if of course, this one participates in a whole with conjugality and parenthood, if applicable. “The fact is that there are couples who are more worried about their relationship and for whom sexuality is a kind of barometer: if it works less well, the whole idea of ​​the couple is faltering for them. that this rushed sexuality can be just a consequence of a series of disorders. This is also what we want to learn: how the couple can feel strong in the face of adversity “, explains Marie Géonet who still expresses that all this does not is not measured in “quantity but also in” quality “…

For more than a year as a couple? Participate!

“Our current situation is unprecedented and we would like to better understand the way in which it could impact the sexuality within your couple”, states the researcher. So if you are over 18 and have been in a relationship for at least one year, do not hesitate to participate in this research. To do this, all you need to do is answer a questionnaire, which lasts no more than 15 minutes. Your data is anonymous and will be treated in a completely confidential manner.

Participating also allows you to land to observe your couple while taking a little field …


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