Introduction to the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung has launched a new version of tablet, Galaxy Note 10.1. This tablet may look similar to the 10.1 slate, but the Galaxy Note has a few features and it also has a stylus. This surely means that you now have the tool to help you jot down anything instantly and prepare notes wherever you are. However, the similarity with its other version of Tab2 cannot be denied either, but with 10.1 you have the possibility to store the stylus together with the tablet. Let’s know more about this new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.


This tablet is said to have been redesigned, but you can still find it similar to the Galaxy Tab 2. The only physical difference it appears to have is a change in the design of the back of the tablet. When you flip it back, you will find the shiny surface. Another cool thing is that this new tablet has a stylus called the S-Pen. This S-Pen is hidden near the device at the bottom right, where it is protected against damage. This stylus is capable of sustaining 256 levels when it comes to pressure sensitivity.

This new input device introduced by Samsung on its latest tablet contains a Formula Match feature. This feature enables the conversion and recognition of handwritten formulas. Another cool thing is that you can use it to access the Wolfram Alpha database for additional information about the formula. In this way, by using the S-Pen, students can easily access information online and gain knowledge.

As soon as you remove the stylus from the tablet slot, the tablet instantly recognizes the action and recognizes it. The application specifically designed for this pen enables the functionality and can be used by the user to enter data. In addition, Samsung has also included an application that helps to use the functionality of Adobe, the application Adobe Photoshop Touch.

The screen

The screen size of this tablet measures 5.3 inches, making it convenient for taking notes, scribbling, or entering other content with the stylus. Another cool thing to note about this screen is that it has a multi-screen feature. This function enables multiple applications to run on the screen within Windows frame mode. Applications are clear and easy to run, as the 10.1-inch screen is relatively larger to accommodate them easily. However, the applications designed for this functionality are limited for now.


With a weight of 600 grams and a thickness of 8.9 mm with support for 3G, this tablet is relatively thicker than other Android devices. The reason for its volume could be its 7000 mAh battery, but the performance is good. It has a resolution of 280 x 800 pixels that makes it comfortable to view at any angle. In addition, the tablet contains a Windows RT; It is also speculated that Samsung could introduce an LTE version soon.

Processor and applications

This tablet runs on Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) along with TouchWiz interface technology. If you are looking for proprietary apps and colorful icons, you may find it similar to its predecessor. It runs on a 1.4GHz quad-core Exynos processor and has 2GB of RAM. You can make calls and even send text messages easily without any hassle. Applications loaded on the tablet respond quickly to touch. Other features include a 1.9 mp front camera for video chat and a five mp rear camera for capturing images and recording videos.

The Smart Stay feature is included in the camera app that helps detect the user’s eyes and keeps the screen bright. In this way, whenever you are reading an e-book or doing an activity on your tablet, the screen will glow; As soon as you take your eyes off it, it will go dark again. Another cool feature is preloaded under the name Pop Up Play to allow video playback within a window so you can run other applications simultaneously. If you want to watch a video, you can adjust the size accordingly while the apps are running in the background.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has a micro SD card slot that allows memory expansion up to 64GB. Interestingly, this tablet comes with a pre-loaded app to enable infrared functionality to use the universal remote control feature. Now you can easily use it to control the functions of Samsung home entertainment devices.


All that can be said about Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is that it has a host of features to appeal to most users, especially the inclusion of Stylus which makes data entry easy.

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