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Is Jealousy An Incurable Disease?

Everyone has experienced the feeling of jealousy and knows what it is like, one way or another. It can be of different types, difficult to keep under control and be a part of your relationship.

Some think it is another face of love, others consider it a lack of confidence. You may be jealous because you are too in love and you cannot bear that someone else does not even look at your loved one.

A relationship in which one of the members is jealous will not last long. The partner who is constantly accused of infidelity will give up and move on.

Jealousy affects both partners; There will be fights and sleepless nights because of the uncertainty.

Where does it come from?

Most likely, jealousy arises from a feeling of inferiority. The jealous spouse considers that they do not have enough qualities to keep the loved one by their side and sees in each man / woman a possible threat. That is why the loved one will be asked not to get in touch with other people who see themselves as potential rivals.

Jealousy should have limits

All people experience a bit of jealousy, it is normal that they do not like the attention that someone else shows their loved one. But there should be a limit to the intensity of the feeling. It is not normal to forbid your partner to come into contact with other people of the opposite sex.

It can be cured?

Some forms of jealousy that seem irrational and too intense are treated by psychologists. There is always medical help and therapy.

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