Labor market brought to its knees outside of Corona |  Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Labor market brought to its knees outside of Corona | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Die Zahl der Jobsuchenden beim AMS Reutte nahm drastisch zu. Ein wenig Entspannung könnte das Ende des Lockdowns bringen.

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Reutte, Kufstein – The Corona crisis casts a long shadow on the labor market in Ausserfern. As of December 31st, unemployment in the Reutte district was 500 percent above the previous year’s level and represents a record level of 1,830 unemployed (+ 1,525). Only Landeck showed an even higher figure than the district with an increase of 502.5 percent. The third lockdown and the postponed start of the winter season are showing massive effects. Primarily those affected are job seekers from tourism and, due to the weather, from the construction industry. The unemployment rate in Reutte is currently 13.1 percent.

“The further development of the labor market is very closely related to the development of the Corona crisis. In the short term, with the end of the lockdown, there should be at least a temporary easing ”, said the deputy head of AMS-Reutte, Karin Lutz. The outlook for the second half of 2021 is cautiously positive. Due to the vaccine development, a decline in unemployment can be expected. Lutz: “The pre-crisis level will probably only be reached again in a few years.”

Kufstein district least affected

The failure of the tourist winter season was also noticeable on the job market in Kufstein in December with an increase of 88.4 percent compared to the previous year – the trend is increasing after the announcement of the lockdown extension and due to the annual winter unemployment in the construction industry. However, with 4,885 unemployed people, Kufstein is the least affected district in Tyrol after Innsbruck. According to the AMS office, this is due to the region’s good mix of industries.

An increasing number of women and representatives of the 50 plus generation had come forward during the crisis. 694 companies currently use short-time work support for around 5,200 employees. The demand for skilled workers is high with 888 vacancies and 88 apprenticeships. Nevertheless, there are many companies that are holding back on recruiting and waiting for the time being. “It is now the ideal time for training and further education,” says branch manager Margit Exenberger, referring to the expanded training and further education offer of the AMS. They also offer advice and financial incentives for companies. (TT)

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