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Learn to seduce your man by appealing to his five senses

You may not think you need to learn how to seduce your husband, especially if he just put a ring on you and walked you down the aisle. However, as your marriage matures, seduction will become just as important as when you were dating. In fact, it is a vital tool in keeping your relationship healthy and strong, and it is the constant gestures of love and lust that will continue to make you both feel needed and wanted.

Of course, when you were dating hot seduction it was all about passion and lust, but when it comes to seducing your husband, you’ll need to use smart tactics to avoid monotony and keep the spark alive. Sometimes this can seem like a big task when you wonder what you can do next that is different than the last few times. Instead of feeling overwhelmed or uninspired, focus on appealing to one of your five senses. Sexually seducing a man doesn’t have to be a big fanfare all the time, so just pick one, be it smell or touch, and think about how you can seduce your husband just by using this sense. You’ll be surprised how easy it can be when you make seduction simple and easy.

how to seduce your husband


Seducing your husband is easy when you use your sense of smell. Not only does it bring back powerful memories, but it’s also great for keeping stubborn husbands away from the computer or TV. Have a roast or a batch of cookies and it won’t be long before the sumptuous smells of delicious food draw your man away from whatever he’s doing and right at you. It may sound old school and a bit Betty Crocker, but it definitely works. Meet him in the kitchen in just his apron and enjoy a sexy drink together. And the added bonus of this method of seduction is that every time you make the same cookies, it will remind her of exactly what you did last time and come back to you eager to do it again.

I touched

When you want to know how to seduce your husband, go back to basics using the power of touch. Touch is so important in maintaining your sexual connection and level of intimacy without having sex, and it’s such an easy and free way to express and feel love without having to communicate with words. Men are such physical beings that they seduce your husband by keeping your level of intimacy with touch as high as possible. Hug him from behind when he’s doing the dishes, massage his neck and shoulders when he’s on the computer, run your fingers through his hair when you’re lounging on the couch, or gently run your fingernails or hands down his legs and buttocks when he’s drifting off to sleep. or waking up Use these techniques all the time, and when you really want to seduce your husband, increase this level of contact so he knows you’re leading the way in sex.


Sexually seducing a man is easy with the very obvious sense of sight and we all know that men love sexual images and clothing like a sexy dress, lingerie or high heels. These should always be part of your basic wardrobe to help seduce your husband, but if you want to try something different with these pieces, consider pairing them with a lap dance. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy, just seeing yourself in something sheer or edgy combined with the flowing movement of your feminine form is enough to seduce any man.

To listen

You can use your sense of hearing just as effectively as your other senses. When he gets home, put on your song, or maybe the song you like to make love to, so as soon as he walks in the door, he’ll know it’s on! You can also send her a sexy voicemail with that song in the background as a sexy prelude to the hot sex later in the day. Or get close to him by nibbling on his ear and then breathing in hot, luxurious breaths as you whisper his name, so only he can hear. Also, when learning how to seduce men, don’t forget simple words of affirmation. Men love it when they have a little ego boost, so tell him exactly what he wants to hear. That he looks great, feels great and that you love him!


Taste is also a fabulous seduction tool, especially when you’re using aphrodisiacs. Create a dining fantasy for the night by setting a theme for the night, be it Italian, Indian or Spanish, and dress to match your meal and include some fun role play. Make a tasting plate of sexy aphrodisiacs and choose foods that emulate and remind you of sex. Or choose particular aphrodisiacs like chili chocolate to sweeten it while also increasing heart rate and circulation to particular parts of the body. You can also feed each other chocolate fondu and, while getting naked, surprise him with edible underwear!

When it comes to knowing how to successfully seduce men, don’t forget to combine your seduction techniques with acts of kindness to keep your partner and love alive.

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