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Beaucoup de femmes et peu d’hommes dans les agences de rencontre : dur de se trouver…

Lots of women and few men in dating agencies: hard to find yourself …

It’s not easy today to meet singles. A new personal matchmaking agency takes stock.

Nothing is going well on the side of love: here again, the enormous crisis induced by the coronavirus has greatly increased the divorce figures in Belgium and if we can correlate the 25% more divorces in May 2020 compared to May 2019 to a bottleneck of cases following confinement, “in June, there were still 19% more divorces and in July 13% more compared to the months of the previous year“, indicates Annemieke Dubois, citing figures from Fednot, the Federation of Notaries. The young woman has just launched with her partner Aida Heerman,” Jade & Jules “, a personal matchmaking service aimed at men.

Why the men? Annemieke Dubois knows the world of singles dating well. She managed Berkeley International, a high standing dating agency that she successfully brought to life for 5 years. And like on well-known dating sites like Tinder or happn, she could see the imbalance between men and women: “In agency networks, there are even around 70% women for 30% men“, she analyzes.”Women are quicker to take matters into their own hands and if they are in the majority to register with a personal matchmaking agency, it is also for the safe haven that it represents.. “


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