Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim: "Science is not suitable for live ticker"

Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim: “Science is not suitable for live ticker”

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Interview. Science journalist Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim on skepticism towards AstraZeneca, culture of debate in the pandemic and our common enemy: the coronavirus.

From Martina Marx | 5:50 a.m., March 14, 2021

Reached an audience of millions with her science education: Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim © Thomas Duffe

“Virus, haven’t you learned anything from evolution? We humans showed that we are damn good at adapting to difficult situations. We will show you that you have chosen the wrong host.” Chancellor Angela Merkel also used this quote from you in the German Bundestag. Did we show the virus last year?
Had, had, bicycle chain. In hindsight, we’re always smarter, aren’t we? I already said in a maiLab video in April that Corona was only just beginning. It feels like we are now, a year later, in the last stage, but most of them are aware that this pandemic will last even longer. But the frustrating thing is: the real enemy is the virus, we are all in the same boat and have the same goal. We are currently arguing a lot about why flower shops are allowed to open, but other shops are not … the rifts are deep. I hope we don’t forget in the final sprint that we have a common opponent. Because that would be fatal.

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