Main types of home cleaning services

Home cleaning companies offer a variety of flexible frequencies in their services. You can decide which service you want to use. If you want to hire cleaners for your home, you can hire them on a daily or weekly basis. While hiring daily house cleaners will help keep your home even cleaner, weekly cleaning is the cheapest option available.

In addition to businesses, we can even have private cleaners clean our home. It is really an interesting fact that all the facilities provided by the companies are also received from the private cleaners. On the contrary, hiring private cleaners can effectively reduce the cost. However, reliability and quality of service remain of concern.

Types: – Normally, there are three main types of contracted aid. You can clean your house with any of these house cleaners as per your wish and requirement. The services provided by each of them are almost the same. Therefore, quality and cost are the main selection parameters for hiring.

  1. Independent worker: – A self-employed worker is the name given to those individuals, who are generally unlicensed or insured and perform various private jobs. Several unemployed and employed people are doing part-time freelance work. The advantage of using freelancers for cleaning purposes is that you can get the job done at a time that’s right for you. At the same time, it is much easier to negotiate with a person who is not linked to any commercial organization.
  2. Mother’s helper: – Commonly known as house helpers, this group of people, preferably women, provide various domestic services. You can do your job and pay a generally feasible hourly rate.
  3. Maid Service Company: – It is the most preferred cleaning service provider. Hiring a cleaning service company ensures that the quality of the work is not compromised. These companies are licensed and insured and can therefore be easily trusted. At the same time, they offer the services on a weekly or daily basis depending on your intention. However, the fees may be a bit higher compared to the mother’s helper and freelancers, but the fees are not out of your reach.

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