Marketing and how it applies to carpet cleaning

Marketing and how it applies to carpet cleaning is one of the most interesting topics for carpet cleaners. It seems that whenever you have cleaners in a room, they often talk about how to get more jobs, not how to clean a carpet. Good marketing is what carpet cleaning is all about; it’s what attracts customers and helps keep them. But common marketing terminologies like “price, product, location, and promotion” (known as the four Ps of marketing) mean very little when they’re not cracked for application to carpet cleaning. They are also somewhat outdated. They may still be the original pillars of marketing, but they seem to be evolving.

In the 1990s, Professor Dick Berry of the University of Wisconsin conducted an intensive study of the basic principles of marketing. What he found was interesting. New Marketing Strategies In addition to the original four Ps of marketing, he added a few more and then ranked them in order of importance. The new mix ranked customer responsiveness as the first and most important part of the new marketing mix, followed by product, customer convenience, service, price, location, and last, promotion.

Let’s examine each one and see how they apply to carpet cleaning.

Customer sensitivity. The attitude of the employees, the treatment of the client and the response to the clients are included in this category. How does this apply to carpet cleaning companies? A friendly smile the first time and every time you see your customer is the most important marketing principle. It costs you nothing. Think about a customer’s reaction if you do the following:

  • Ask for permission to park in the customer’s driveway.
  • Ask to use the customer’s water.
  • Ask permission to use the bathroom.
  • Knock on the door instead of ringing the bell (someone could be sleeping).
  • Wear shoe covers when you are around the house.
  • Pre-vacuum with a commercial vacuum cleaner.
  • Use a door guard when running the hoses.
  • Use caution signs when working. Use protectors that do not get the carpet too wet.

Product. This is the equipment you use. You have to use the best available and it has to be reliable and have other unique features that your competition will not have. Your cleaning chemicals are also included in this category. What do your chemicals smell like? Will your protector be working in six months?

Convenience for the client. Availability to your customer, customer convenience, and sales fall into this category. What is the question that customers ask the most? “How long will it take to dry?” Drying is probably the biggest part of the customer’s convenience. We need to make the carpet as dry as possible. Answering your phone when a customer calls is also part of the customer’s convenience. Having a sufficient opening relatively early in your hours is another aspect of customer convenience.

Service. Pre-sales service, cleaning service and after-sales service are part of this marketing strategy. Your pre-sale service is where it all begins and is best with an “out of this world” portfolio to show off to your customers. That usually makes the sale. Your portfolio should consist of your credentials, customer testimonials, warranties, and before and after photos of your work.

Price. Price charges, pricing terms, pricing offers, and payment methods fall into this category. Honest and reasonable prices is what the customer expects.

Square. Venue is the area you serve, your facilities (your truck), and your availability to customers.

Promotion. Advertising, advertising, and sales fall into this category. Contrary to what most people believe, promotion is marketing.

Berry’s study ranked promotion last.

If you can’t smile when you greet customers, don’t even bother with the promo part.

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