Mole Poblano De Guajalote – An Ethereal Mexican Delight

Mole Poblano De Guajalote – An Ethereal Mexican Delight

People who travel to Mexico expect a rich and interesting culture. One to look forward to is your preferred variety of high-quality and tasty foods, such as the main course called “Mole Poblano de Gaujalote” or “Turkey with Sauce from Puebla”, which is considered the national dish of Mexico. This dish is said to have originated in the Puebla region in the 1680s when a bishop asked the Dominican nuns of the Santa Rosa convent for an indigenous dish to offer to a visiting viceroy from New Spain. From there was born the rich combination of roasted chilies, nuts, fruits, vegetables, unsweetened ground cocoa and a blend of other spices turned into a sauce. It is comparable to curry from India, marinara from Italy, and harissa from Morocco. This master sauce put on well-cooked turkey gained popularity not only in Pueblo but in all regions of Mexico and the world.

The mole or “sauce” contains a small amount of chocolate but not all contain one. Like the rich, strong colors of the Mexican flag, mole poblano can come in a variety of colors—red, green, brown—depending on the ingredients used. Creating an authentic mole poblano will require a lot of time, effort, and numerous ingredients, but it is always worth the effort to get such a flavorful taste of Mexico’s most popular dish. Being in Mexico offers you many delights. If you find yourself in Puebla, there is no better restaurant to fill your stomach with Molé Poblacion de Guajalote than at Fonda de Santa Clara, Fonda La Mexicana, and La Cantina de los Remedios.

If you’re hungry for something to satisfy your palate, never miss trying the ambrosia yet complex Mexican sauce served over enchiladas, tacos, chicken, turkey or vegetables. It surely defines the rich culture of the Mexican people.

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