muddy magic

muddy magic

What is muddy magic?

Would you like a cold and delicious granita to drink? Of course! And now you can make slushy at home with Slushy Magic. No need to walk to the corner store for a cold slushie. Not to mention the money you save by making your own slushie! Making slushies is fun too! Kids love it! Making slushies at home makes everyone happy and you might even become a hero in the process! Slushy Magic is familiar, affordable, and available at most local or online pharmacies.

An Easy Way to Have Delicious Fun

It’s very easy to make slushies with a mix from the Slushy Magic kit. The kit includes everything you need to make your own granita. You provide the drink and Slushie does the rest. What is your favorite drink? Whatever you have on hand, soda, lemonade, apple juice, kool-aid, grape juice to name a few, you can make it your favorite slush drink. You get the shaker cup, reusable lid, spoon straw, and three reusable slush ice cubes in the kit. Plus, a handy drink guide in case you need a little inspiration.

a safe drink

Yes, Slushie Magic is healthy and safe to drink. All kit components are non-toxic and meet or exceed US safety standards. Additionally, Slushy Magic ice cubes are filled with salt and water. There are no chemicals in the slimy magic kit. Slushy’s are also BPA free (bios phenol A). There are no advisories issued for the kit. Safe, tasty and fun, all in one kit. I love it!

Let it be a Healthy Magic

Slushy your way to a healthy drink or snack. They are filling and can be a super fun way to get your kids and you to get your vitamins. For healthier slush drink mixes, try making an orange juice slush to have with your breakfast. Afternoon snacks always taste better when downed with a low-fat chocolate milk slushie. It is very fun to use. The kit also includes a guide to drink mix ideas. How about a healthy pineapple juice slushie for an afternoon to lift my spirits? Keep it low fat and healthy by choosing 100% juices to add to the shaker. Milk slushies with a hint of real vanilla from your bakery cabinet, taste so delicious and are also a good source of calcium.

Kids and adults love it.

It’s a fun addition to any birthday party! Whether you’re six or sixty-five, Slushy fits the bill. You decide what kind of granita to make! Young children love apple and grape juice, so keep that in mind before reaching for a soda! Nothing tastes better than a root beer slush though! Gatorade, as well as low-fat chocolate or strawberry milk are also crowd-pleasers. One of the best parts of a granita has to be the famous granita spoon-straw. How fun is that little tool? Well, those product inventors knew you’d need a spoon to get started and a straw to drink up the delicious goodness at the bottom of the cup, too! Muddy straws are a breed of their own.

Grown-ups might prefer some whipped margarita mix into an amazing frozen slush. What party! And everyone can make their own. The beauty of ice cubes is that they are reusable. Why not get two kits and double the fun while you’re at it? The more Slushy Magic kits, the merrier when it comes to having a slushy making party! What a good idea. It’s nice to have an excuse to get together with your friends or family, why not make slushies one of your traditions?

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