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My wife can’t stand me – Exactly what to do TODAY if you are in this horrible place in your marriage!

Are you in a marriage where you have that sinking feeling … where you say my wife can’t stand me?

This is a terrible feeling. I know this because I had a time not long ago when I had the exact same feeling.

But I was able to fix it, and I know you can too.

Exactly what you should do today if you say my wife can’t stand me

One of the things that happens all too often when a husband begins to feel like his wife can’t stand them or doesn’t love them anymore … is panic.

Along with this panic, they usually do something that is right … exactly WRONG!

You see, when you have this thought, or even your wife tells you that she can’t stand it, or that being around you makes her sick, or any of the terrible things a wife can say to hurt your feelings in a fit. of anger or during a moment of indifference … suddenly you feel the need to try to change your mind.

You will do it by trying to make her see reason. You will tell her how much you love her. You will tell him how much it hurts to hear that. You will give her a list of all the great things you do for her.

Another thing you could do instead … and I’m guilty of … is that you will get mad. You will be angry because you feel like you have been unfairly hurt. Then you will start yelling and yelling, maybe insulting and saying how much you hate her! You will tell him that you cannot bear it either. Blah blah blah … a lot of things you’ll feel awful about later!

It’s about how you react when your wife can’t stand you … or at least says she can’t.

The truth is, if your wife can’t stand you, it is most likely simply because she is no longer attracted to you.

No, I don’t mean your appearance. It’s okay if you’ve gained weight. Don’t go out and join a gym for that. Although it is always good to join a gym and take care of yourself. What I mean is that your wife is no longer attracted to you as a man. She is not attracted to the man you have become.

Chances are, with very good intentions trying to please your wife, you have become less of an alpha male (if it ever was to begin with) and more of a beta male that she unknowingly created out of you.

In doing so, you’ve lost the carnal attraction factor that drives not just your wife, but women, crazy. This is deeply engraved in your DNA. They are looking for a man who is a leader. A man who knows who he is, and actually a man who does NOT need her. Sounds crazy right?

In fact, it probably defies everything you’ve probably learned from your mother, from television, magazines, books, and of course, from your wife. But the proof lies in the fact of how your wife reacts when you start to become the alpha male she is attracted to to the core. And once that happens, you’ll never have to say that my wife can’t stand me again.

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