Nature’s Healing Method for Alcoholism

The chronic alcoholic, first of all, must make a firm determination to stop drinking. You should refrain from consuming alcohol all at once, as the habit cannot be eliminated in gradual stages.

The most effective way to treat alcoholism is to develop the body’s nutritional integrity soaps to

prevent craving for stimulants such as drinks. Patients should receive a cleansing juice fast to

at least ten days at the beginning. During this period, you should drink the juice of one orange every

two hours from 8 am to 8 pm The juice can be diluted with warm water, if desired. Orange yew

juice does not agree, you can drink vegetable juices. Each day while fasting, the intestines should

cleaned of decaying and poisonous matter thrown away by the self-cleaning process established by the

body. This can be accomplished with a warm water enema.

During the juice fast, the patient will generally not feel like drinking alcohol. This will give you a good 10

The day begins towards breaking the habit of drinking and would help to eliminate not only the

dependence but also psychological factors. After the initial juice fast, the optimal diet of

Vital nutrients are essential. This diet should consist of whole grains, cereals, nuts, seeds and

sprouts, fresh fruits and vegetables.

It is advisable that at the beginning of treatment the patient is given an adequate substitute for

Relieve the craving if and when it occurs. The best drink to replace alcohol is a

glass of fresh fruit juice, sweetened with honey, if desired. In the alternative, healthy sweets

can be taken. The patient should always have juices, sweets, or other snacks readily available to

take it between meals if you feel like taking a stimulant.

All refined foods such as sugar, white rice, macaroni and white flour, and meat must

be avoided. The patient should eat several small meals a day instead of two or three large ones.

some and avoid strong seasonings like pepper, mustard, and chili. You should not smoke like

this will only increase your desire for alcohol.

Apples are considered valuable in the treatment of alcoholism as their use eliminates intoxication.

and reduces the craving for wine and other intoxicating spirits. Raw celery juice is also

considered useful. It has a sobering effect and is an antidote to alcohol.

In addition to proper nutrition, you need plenty of rest and exercise outdoors. The healthy

the condition of the appetite center, which controls the desire to drink alcohol, improves with exercise.

Yogic asans for general health such as padmasan, vajrasan, vakrasan, paschimotanasan,

yogamudra, bhuajangasan, halasan and shalabhasana and yogic kriyas such as jalneti, kunjal and

Simple Pranayamas like kapalbhati, anuloma-viloma, shitali, and sitkari will be beneficial.

Drink plenty of water, hot fomentations on the stomach and abdomen with a wet girdle.

Among applications there is also an effective water treatment for alcoholism.

And finally, it will be advisable to follow the ten commandments to prevent alcoholism, offered by

psychiatrist Dr. William B. Terhune. These are:

never drink when you ‘need it’;

drink slowly;

space your drinks, having a second drink 30 minutes later

the first and third an hour after the second;

dilute your alcohol;

Keep an accurate and truthful record of the amount and

number of drinks you drink;

never hide the amount of alcohol you drink;

do not drink on an empty stomach;

stop drinking at the “sign” (signs are lunch, dinner, fatigue, sexual stimulation, boredom, frustration, and bedtime);

make it a rule never to drink to escape discomfort, whether physical or mental; and

never, never have a drink in the morning thinking it will cure a hangover.

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