Neos for keeping the "Wiener Zeitung" - but without the state as owner

Neos for keeping the “Wiener Zeitung” – but without the state as owner

Vienna – The threat from the “Wiener Zeitung” as a daily newspaper is also a concern of the opposition. If the ideas of Neos media spokeswoman Henrike Brandstötter go, then the medium should continue to exist, but without the state as the owner. “I can very well imagine that the ‘Wiener Zeitung’ will not be closed at the end of the year, but will be continued – but no longer as an official gazette of the Republic, but as an independent media project,” writes Brandstötter in an email to the editorial representatives of the “Wiener Zeitung” who turned to politicians with a request to support the preservation of the medium in printed form.

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