Neveo, une application pour garder le contact avec les aînés

Neveo, an app to keep in touch with seniors

To avoid the isolation of the elderly, the application creating online photo albums completes its offer.

Since the start of confinement in our country, many have been looking for and finding ways to pass the time. Between sport, solo stroll, e-aperitif and of course teleworking, there is enough to fill your days and adapt to this new way of living. But we must not forget the elderly. Main victims of Covid-19, it is requested to protect them as much as possible, in particular by visiting them only in case of necessity.

A benevolent measure which also has its negative sides, because the elderly risk more than ever social isolation at home. Since 2015, the Neveo application has been fighting in its own way against this isolation by offering family diaries to fill out online and send to parents or grandparents every month. A way for them to follow the life of their family, sometimes from hundreds of kilometers away. In order to maintain intergenerational links, the Neveo mobile application was created, reminds the designers of the project. It helps to fight against the social isolation of the elderly by sending them, every month, by post a photo diary supplied by the members of their families. The aim is to strengthen ties through the use of familiar tools adapted to each individual: the smartphone for the youngest and the paper for the elderly..

Usually, Neveo sends out one copy of the photo diary per month but, exceptionally, the team decided to double the frequency of printing family diaries for the duration of the lockdown. Thus, users will be able to send two newspapers per month to their relatives instead of a monthly copy. This additional journal does not replace the official month-end journal, it is an early version and completely free. , we assure.

In addition, Neveo also offers two months free to all families who create a new newspaper using the code “FAMILY”. The Neveo team hopes that this solution can help families stay connected with their loved ones and help them overcome the weeks to come..

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