Carinthian cuisine: Slow Food Guide distinguishes itself with snails

New Slow Food Guide: Six restaurants are happy about five snails

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Compass of good taste: The new Slow Food Guide 2021 presents particularly excellent companies that rely on local products.

From Elke Fertschey | 3:32 p.m., March 21, 2021

Diverse, local, aesthetic: Carinthian cuisine on the upswing and with Slow Food for international profiling © (c) Martin Steinthaler |

Awaken the taste of childhood when you were presented with delicacies made from local products from the farmer around the corner in grandmother’s kitchen, refined with finesse, creativity and the gift of creating something special from honest, simple ingredients: that’s what she wants Carinthian slow food cuisinethat with the new Slow Food Guide proves that Regional cuisine made tangible can be.

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