Numis Network Business Review Reveals a Legit Opportunity

Numis Network Business Review Reveals a Legit Opportunity

More and more people around the world have decided to live the dream of owning their own home businesses. This Numis Network trading evaluation presents this one-of-a-kind trading alternative for anyone looking to make their dream come true. As a seller of collector-quality gold and silver coins, Numis Network is the only network marketing and advertising company in this niche. Over the past year, since its grand opening in February 2009, Numis has seen continued progress and interest in its coins from collectors and others busy starting their own home-based businesses.

The coins

All collectible coins are graded in response to the Sheldon scale. This scale collects cash in response to collector demand for the coin, the condition of the coin, the level of hoarded steel content, and its rarity. After taking into account all these components, the coin is given a grade between 1 and 70. Coins that get the next grade have a higher value than coins with a decreasing grade. Each coin offered by Numis has a Sheldon scale degree.

Most of the coins that can be sold by independent collector representatives associated with the Numis Network have earned the best grade of 70, which is more profitable than gold bars. No matter what era a collector is interested in, be it historical or modern coins, Numis tends to have highly graded coins available for purchase.

The opportunity

All Numis Network’s impartial collector consultants receive full training. No coin collecting experience is required to join Numis. Representatives can download presentations and written training materials, as well as view the Coins Are Cool training video. If additional questions arise during training, the sponsor is just a phone call away.

In addition to excellent training, each consultant receives a website with a shopping cart, credit card processing options, and new consultant enrollment to expedite business creation. Using back office reps they can check volume and gross sales histories, grow their sales pool, view or order products, and check compensation. Numis also equips your reps with a deal building system featuring sixteen lead forms (interested events), email advertising, and a complete contact management system.

Every potential Numis Consultant has two options when signing up. He or she may remain an Independent Collector (ICR) or may decide to become a Qualified Training Impartial Collector (TQ-ICR). Training certified unbiased collectors buy starter kit, earn commissions and build their own groups identical to ICRs. The distinction between the ICR and the TQ-ICR is that the TQ-ICR has gone through specialized training.

Numis Network uses a binary sales plan. Because of this, every impartial collector representative has two legacies or groups that he or she is building at the same time. Numis Network places no restrictions on the variety of people in a downline. Everyone starts at the collector level.

Commission is earned through retail sales, through the monthly autoship program, and through the net store. Additionally, all ICRs earn a fee through the gross sales made by their downline. TQ-ICRs are eligible for additional bonuses, including the Quick Monitor Collector bonus, Coded Matching bonus, Satellite bonus, Legacy bonus, and Base bonus. The last three are part of what Numis calls the coded match bonus.

If this Numis Network company overview has convinced you of the potential of this company and its alternative to your own home business, sign up with the Numis Network and start making money today. Simply contact the person who launched you on the Numis Network and he or she will help you sign up. Join the hundreds of people who are sharing the joy of coin collecting right now.

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