Orgasme : et les vainqueurs (en quantité) sont... les hommes

Orgasm: and the winners (in quantity) are … the men

Orgasm has always been the subject of great questions but also of taboos. Today, however, with the freedom to speak out about women’s sex lives, he is more at the center of conversations and that’s good! The opportunity to decipher it a little more historically and scientifically on the occasion of World Orgasm Day, this Monday, December 21.

But first, let’s look at the enjoyment in this year 2020 more than upset. The various psychological studies carried out on the subject tend to show that if the conjugality and the sexuality of couples have been undermined in recent months. A study by Gleeden of more than 12,500 female members and 11,200 male members online, more than 8 in 10 women (81%) believe they have enjoyed less this year than the previous year compared to only a third of men (33% ).

Less sexual desire and an increased mental load for women

The main reasons mentioned; a lower desire to make love with their partner for 61% of respondents but also a low libido leading to a decrease in masturbation for 58% of them. And even when they manage to find the motivation to indulge in a sexual act, they are more than 54% to have difficulty reaching the orgasm.

For almost half of them (48%), the additional mental load of having to take care of household chores but also of children (44%) negatively impacted their ability to enjoy this year. Unlike men, who are more than half (51%) to admit to having enjoyed more in 2020 than the previous year. But these are solo orgasms: 72% took advantage of successive confinements to increase the number of their masturbatory sessions. Moreover, a French study conducted by Ifop revealed that teleworking had globally boosted the libido of the French.

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