Painful periods: what if the solution was … masturbation?

They were more than 20,000 to volunteer around the world to participate in a clinical study which aimed to measure the active and positive role of masturbation on menstruation.

Like what, things are changing little by little in Western societies, we are facing a double taboo here anyway! Since the dawn of time, every month, billions of women have their periods, and with them, without this being pathological, very often come pain, cramps, physical and moral discomfort sometimes … VSSymptoms are due to part of the endometrial wall being evacuated by the uterus, which contracts under the effect of a hormone, prostaglandine , explains doctor and sex therapist Gilbert Bou Jaoudé. The higher the level of prostaglandin in the body, the more severe the menstrual pain can , adds sex therapist Alexandra Hubin. Against that, we keep silent, we wait for it to pass, we take painkillers, a hot water bottle or grandmothers’ remedies, “women have learned to live with it, they think it’s normal to suffer”.

To this small arsenal, they will be able to add a string to their bow: that of masturbation. A worldwide study called “Menstrubation” took place in this regard between May and October 2020. Nearly 20,000 menstruating people volunteered to participate in this study. Unheard of for a clinical study! The participants were selected at random.

Result: When study participants were asked what was most effective for their period pain, medication or masturbation, “43% chose drugs and 42% masturbation”, reveals Johanna Rief, Head of Sexual Empowerment at Womanizer. Very positive results that last over time “at the level of pain intensity and frequency. At the start of the study, the average pain intensity was 6.7 points. At the end of the test phase, it was only 5.4 points” .

“This should not be understood as an injunction to masturbate of course but to listen to your body. Body pleasure is positive for health and pain, it relaxes and relaxes”, adds Alexandra Hubin.

After this study, 90% of participants recommend masturbation for pain relief and 85% plan to maintain their new masturbation routine.

Especially when we directly asked the participants if regular masturbation had an effect on the intensity of their pain, 70% answered “yes”.

Associating the notion of pleasure with what is seen as negative will help.

Are you in your bad days or what? “; “Do not approach her, she looks like she is having her period”, “Nothing tenses you up when you have them” … The image that we convey of women who have their period plays a role in our relationship to menstruation and pain. He There is a negative focus around this, we are only talking about physical pain, discomfort, mood swingsr , underlines the sexologist Alexandra Hubin, doctor in psychology and sexologist, “I often use the metaphor with the streetlamp: you only see what is lit up.” However, what we shed light on in this case and always, are the pains as a necessary step and a period when we are on edge: “We will be all the more inclined to suffer the situation.”

But how can masturbation positively affect this state of affairs? NOTWe know that masturbation can have positive effects on overall health and well-being. During masturbation and at the time of orgasm, the so-called pleasure hormone, dopamine, is released, which causes a feeling of well-being. As a result, other chemical processes that cause pain are naturally relegated to the background, which is akin to pain relief. At the same time, the metabolism and blood circulation are stimulated, which will also counteract the pain. Finally, when the muscles contract and relax during orgasm, it also has a relaxing effect “, details the sex therapist. By introducing the notion of pleasure, “we open the field of possibilities and it’s positive , concludes Alexandra Hubin.

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