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Pelvic tilt and how it can affect the length of your penis

There are biomechanical factors in the pelvis and lower back joints that can affect the length of the penis. What are these factors and how could they affect the length of the penis?

The ligaments that connect the pelvis to the body are anchored in the pubic bone. Therefore, an abnormal tilt of the upper front of the pelvis will move the pubic bone back and restrict the ligaments that hold the penis in place. These ligaments get tight (tight) when the penis is erect; and thus restrict its length at the time of erection. This is the reason why certain penis enlargement exercises and surgeries target these ligaments. In penile exercise, they are stretched to allow the penis to extend to greater lengths. In surgery, these ligaments are cut to allow the penis to extend to greater lengths.

Back to the pelvic tilt. If the pelvis is tilted in the aforementioned manner, it will displace the pubic bone in a posterior (or backward) direction. This further restricts these penile ligaments and will reduce the length of a man’s penis size when achieving an erection.

The problem that causes this pelvic tilt is the lack of proper posture. It is more common than one would think. If you stand in a neutral position (all muscles relaxed) and look at your posture in a mirror, from the side, you can determine whether or not you have this form of pelvic tilt. Usually your body will not appear to be in a straight line, that is, if you drew a line from the middle of your feet to the top of your head. With this type of pelvic tilt, the upper body will be found to learn forward.

This is what is known as “swayback” or hyperlordosis. This is because there is an increase in the curvature of the lower back. It is usually due to a low back injury or weak muscles, and is usually due to poor posture over a period of time. The increased curve in the lower back causes the pelvis to tilt in counterbalance to this additional curvature. Biomechanically, the spine and pelvis will work together and compensate for any problems like this. However, the bottom line, for people interested in penis size, will be that this will restrict the length of the penis at the time of erection, as well as causing pain and discomfort in the lower back.

One method to correct this problem is by strengthening the abdominal muscles. This helps restore the normal neutral point of the pelvis. It’s also important to stretch your hamstrings and hip flexor muscles.

Many men are interested in penis enlargement. If you suffer from oscillation, this will affect the size of your penis. If you are using penis enlargement exercises to lengthen yourself, this type of pelvic tilt will also restrict your ability to lengthen.

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Sincerely, Georg von Neumann

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