Personal chefs bring a variety of dishes to your own kitchen in Asheville

Do you like to cook, but not all the time? For many, one way to truly relax on vacation is NOT cook at all. Asheville is known for its culinary talents. But you can opt for a personal chef, rather than a restaurant.

Locals living in western North Carolina can bring personal chefs into their homes for special occasions or as a regular addition to their daily life. Compared to a restaurant, it is not much more expensive to stay with your loved one and enjoy a fantastic meal cooked in the kitchen.

In Asheville, there is a selection of chefs specializing in all kinds of culinary styles. A personal chef will buy all the ingredients for a meal (or more than one) and come to their own kitchen to cook it. In the 25 cabin complex that I own and manage, many of the guests do not want to leave the beauty of the forest or the fireplace to dine in a restaurant. So a quick call to a personal chef is a great alternative.

Unleash your appetite! Take a look at these personal chefs and select one that you like, or try a few.

The tasty palate

The Savory Palate is owned by Holly Hale, a graduate of Johnson and Wales Culinary School. For small dinners, The Savory Palate will come to your location and offer a menu for $ 45-50 per hour plus meal costs. There are some examples of four-course meal menus on The Savory Palate website. Hale has run Savory Chef since 2001 and is highly regarded as a culinary talent.

Thyme Savor’s personal chef

For between $ 200- $ 300, the personal chef will come to your residence or vacation rental and bring a variety of cooking styles and options to the table. These include:

Weight Watchers, Atkins and South Beach menus, light cuisine entrees, diabetic menus or adaptations made to regular recipes, vegetarian food, international cuisine, comfort foods and more. Personal Chef Thyme Savor easily caters to the person on a special diet. Chef Denise, the owner, grew up on a farm and learned to cook from scratch. As part of the Thyme Savor philosophy, Chef Denise believes in cooking “healthy, nutritious and custom-designed meals.”

Changing seasons and Kwan Yin medicine

Changing Seasons is a personal chef service with an emphasis on healthy vegan, macrobiotic and live food options. This type of food attracts many who live in and visit the Asheville area. Please see the Convenience Service on the website that will apply to those visiting Asheville and staying in a vacation rental. Prices start at $ 70 minimum for the chef and food is extra. Changing Seasons is a wonderful option for those on a strict diet with very specific food choices as part of their daily routine.

The personal cook

Personal Cook owner and chef Erika Wiseman trained at the Southeast Institute of Culinary Arts and is a certified military food technician. The personal cook adopts an expanded continental menu, down to mortadella sandwiches, lamb burgers, and smoked sausages. The personal cook comes to the Asheville residence or vacation rental and delivers meals anywhere, even outdoors like a gazebo.

Each of these personal chefs has their own culinary style and background. Menus may differ and so does the cuisine. Almost everyone has a way of eating that is tailored to their needs and satisfies their own palate. No matter what your choice is, it makes sense to indulge in a personal chef while at home, entertaining, or even on vacation in Asheville, NC. Sit back and let someone else cook for once.

Enjoy your meal!

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