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Planning and preparation of the website

The World Wide Web, also known as the Internet, offers businesses another medium through which to educate, promote, or sell their products or services, giving businesses and consumers instant access to each other 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. week. Can you believe the Internet was once projected to peak in the early 2000s? Today, statistics show that almost a million new websites are launched in the United States every year.

Having a web address and online presence has become as common and expected as having a logo and business card. Business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing is in high demand, as is the reliance on having a domain name (web address), a business email address, and a website. Why? They instill confidence in the consumer just like a physical office or storefront, a postal address, a phone number and a business card.

It is a mistake for any company to overlook the value and importance of the Internet in business success, not only globally but also regionally. Free web email addresses are fine for personal use, but using them for business undermines credibility. Many businesses can exist and be successful without a website, however, few can operate without access to email. It is highly recommended that all businesses purchase a domain name and set up and use a business email address. Free webmail providers like Yahoo.com make it easy and affordable to set up a business identity online without the cost of hosting, developing a website, or buying an email program.

At some point your company will be ready to enter the World Wide Web. When it is, be aware and be prepared that your website, if used to generate traffic and sales, will be like running another business. Both planning and preparation are critical to setting up your website, maintaining it, and marketing your business online. Do your homework or you will regret it. Research web hosting providers, packages and web design companies, find out the fair market price in your area and for the type of website you want. If possible, consult with a marketing professional to determine your goals for the website. prior to your purchase of hosting or web design services. Gain a basic understanding of internet marketing before your website is designed. Both design and content are critical to your online marketing, especially in search engine optimization.

If your website is going to have a lot of managed content, consider purchasing website builder software or select a hosting provider and plan that includes a free website builder. Please note that this advice is not for everyone. There is a huge learning curve and time commitment to do it yourself, many free website builders will not allow full customization of the template or graphics, and you will need to learn how to use web management tools. This is not a feasible option for everyone.

If you select a web design company or freelance web designer for your website, get everything in writing, all the components and details of the design, hosting and domain name registration services, as well as the timeline for completing the project. It is the consumer’s responsibility to know and understand what services the web designer provides and what elements they are expected to provide, such as content and graphics. Keep in mind that not all web designers are graphic designers and vice versa. Don’t expect the web designer to educate you on marketing your website, including keywords and search engine optimization. However, these services may be available through the web designer at an additional cost.

Once published, your website becomes a living entity that you need to care for: market, update, and maintain. If used correctly, your website will continue to evolve as an integral part of your business, if not your only business.

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