Plopsa CEO: 'Nobody calls us with an explanation'

Plopsa CEO: ‘Nobody calls us with an explanation’

‘No new reopening date has been set and again we have no perspective.’ Steve Van den Kerkhof, the CEO of the Plopsa parks, is disappointed with the decision not to have the theme parks open on April 1.

‘We are disappointed and angry,’ says Plopsa CEO Steve Van den Kerkhof after the Consultation Committee. There it was decided that the amusement parks may not open their doors on April 1.

A line through the bill for the amusement parks, which were already preparing. Van den Kerkhof: ‘We have made preparations worth hundreds of thousands of euros in recent weeks. I have put my people back to work. We have done our best to prepare the park corona proof. We have even made sure that as many things as possible, such as all the queues, can run outside. Now it turns out that everything was in vain. ‘

The amusement parks are now asking for extra support from the government. ‘Both we and our colleagues have invested in this, because we thought the reopening was before April 1. The least is to make up for that lost money to some extent. ‘

‘No more perspective again’

The Plopsa CEO criticizes the government’s lack of communication. ‘We have to read again in the media what exactly has been decided. Nobody calls us with an explanation. In the meantime, no new reopening date has been set and we no longer have any prospects. That is a very difficult message to convey to staff. ‘

On Monday, Van den Kerkhof wants to request extra support from Flemish Minister of Economy Hilde Crevits (CD&V).

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