Primus newsletter: Even if we don't like PV systems and wind turbines: We need (much) more clean electricity

Primus newsletter: Even if we don’t like PV systems and wind turbines: We need (much) more clean electricity

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Take the Villach grid support, for example: If we continue to stand in our own way when expanding renewable energies, the Renewable Expansion Law is not worth the paper.

From Uwe Sommersguter | 1:28 p.m., March 19, 2021

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If you live in the Villach area: Did you notice anything this week? Since Wednesday, electricity has also been flowing in those places where, if it had been up to local residents and environmentalists, it should never have happened. Because, according to the concern, an “electricity highway” threatened to destroy the ideal environment. A twelve-kilometer power line now connects the modernized Landskron substation with the new Villach-Süd substation in the Fürnitz area. There the 110-KV network of Kelag is linked with the 220-KV network of Austrian Power Grid (APG). A high-energy hub that is intended to provide future security for the expanded Villach economic area, in which 150,000 people live and work. High time, say experts, because the previous network was on the verge of performance and was potentially unstable. New, energy-intensive UnEstablishing companies would no longer have been an option.

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