Profitable Newsletter Advertising

Your newsletter is not only a powerful list building tool, it can also be used as a highly effective and profitable advertising tool. As you develop and build your list, you will earn a good income when you advertise with your newsletter.

There are 3 ways to advertise with your newsletter.

  1. Your own “internal” ads: your products / services
  2. Ads paid by third-party ads
  3. Ad exchange

“Internal ads” They are advertisements that you place for products / services that you sell. These can be own or affiliate products / services. You will build good relationships with your subscribers through your quality newsletter and quick responses to their questions. Over time, you will sell your products and services. The trick is to always keep your offers highly targeted to the needs of your subscribers.

Third Party Ads: When you have around 1000 subscribers, you can accept third party advertising. These are people who pay to advertise in your post. The advertisements you can offer are:

  • Classified ads
  • Major / Featured Sponsor Announcements
  • Solo Ads

Classified Ads: shocking little announcements
They are typically 5-6 lines (60 characters) long. It is usually placed at the bottom of the newsletter.

Main / Featured Sponsor Announcements: These will be a little longer than the classified ones, with more benefits. These will be placed before the main feature or article in a post and get more exposure.

Solo Ads: they are sent alone to the entire subscriber database and are usually 3 times longer than the main sponsor ad.

Ad exchange: They are advertisements that you will exchange with other publications. This is a good way to build your subscriber list or any free offer. Again, wait until you have over 1000 subscribers before doing this. Be careful that the newsletters you trade with have an equal or greater number of subscribers.

Advertise on your list: Your newsletter subscriber base is critical to your business. Always remember, even if your newsletter is a free publication, to treat your readers like the VIPs that they are. They have made a positive decision by joining your newsletter and have trusted you as an editor to deliver a good quality publication. They are your potential customers and nobody is more important than them. Here are some points to keep your subscribers happy and not make them feel like dollar bills:

  • Build trust – credibility: It is essential for your business to maintain and develop your credibility with your subscribers. You will do this by building relationships with them by publishing a quality post and by advertising responsibly. Do not place too many ads in your newsletter, as this will annoy readers and give less response to your advertisers.
  • Don’t advertise too much: Nothing is more annoying to your subscribers than a daily barrage of ads in their mailboxes. This makes them feel like dollar bills and is not a friendly form of advertising. One or two alone a week is enough. You will get a better response this way and reduce casualties.
  • Take opinion polls / polls to find what subscribers like – always be in tune with your readers. Like any publisher of a publication, you should always give your readers the opportunity to express their opinions. This way you know what your subscribers are interested in and advertise accordingly.
  • Target your advertising: Advertise according to the needs of your market (readers). Advertise products and services they can use and you will get a better response and a loyal audience.

Keep your advertisers happy: Here are some tips to keep your advertisers happy and encourage them to come back:

How to get returning advertisers: Find ways to get your readers to open the email.

  • Contests;
  • Eye-catching subject line;
  • personalize;
  • Email scanner to go through filters;
  • Don’t use the word ad alone in your topic or as a title;
  • Put your disclaimer at the bottom, not at the top.

These methods will ensure a better open rate and encourage more clicks, better clicks = happy advertisers. Big click = returning customers.
Try targeting the Solos for your subscribers, put some suggested themes on your ads page, to encourage advertisers to send you ads that target your subscribers. This will dramatically increase clicks and returning customers.

Specials: Everyone loves bargains and their advertisers are no exception. Here are some suggestions:

2 for one solo ads: Always a favorite. Another variation is “buy one and get the other for ½ price.” For regular advertisers, you can offer a loyalty bonus or% discount.

Discount packages: Discounted ad groups or specially priced ad bundles are always popular with advertisers.

Advertising with your newsletter can bring you some extra income, but don’t expect a large amount. Advertise responsibly and understand your obligation to your readers. Always remember the value of your readers and the fact that they are your potential customers. Keep in mind the old cliché “take care of your subscribers and they will take care of you.”

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