Puppy Training – When can I start training my puppy?

Eight weeks is when training should begin. These days, reputable breeders start printing their pup at 3 weeks until the dog leaves for its new homes. Obedience training can be started immediately. It is not necessary to wait until the dog is mature to train it.

Formal learning should begin with positive reinforcement training the moment your new puppy arrives home. Don’t wait until they are 6 months or older to start. Get started immediately.


Simple, the sooner the better. Dogs learn from repetition and consistency. A dog that began training at 8 weeks and has consistent training will be ready for long-term success.

I start having the puppies sit, sit, leash train, and come when called. Leash training is nothing more than attaching a long, light leash to your puppy and letting him drag him. This prepares the puppy for leash training later, when he can go out and roam the world with me.

Sit down, sit down and come when called is very easy at 8 weeks old. By starting these behaviors early, you will help your dog retain the behaviors for the long term. Mainly because these months are your formative months for learning. Tilt the odds in your favor and catch your dog while their minds are fresh and eager to absorb the lessons.

Later, if you adopt an older dog, you can also start training him right away. No dog is too old to train.

My advice is to get yourself a good book or video on positive dog training and get started today.

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