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Puristat Colon Cleanse – The 3 Important Facts

At first glance, Puristat’s colon cleansing program looks impressive. The website is packed with information and the product comes in an eye-catching package. But there are things about Puristat that you should know before you try their program.

1. What is Puristat?

Puristat is the colon cleanser from Abbott Industries, a trusted manufacturer of medications and other health products. Categorized by Abbott Industries as a “digestive health supplement,” Puristat cleanses both the small and large intestines of the buildup of waste, toxic matter, and harmful microbes in the GI tract.

Puristat is designed for people suffering from severe symptoms of an unhealthy colon. These symptoms are usually abnormally severe that the patient can no longer enjoy a normal life. Since this colon cleansing program is more intense compared to other similar programs on the market today, you should consult a doctor before starting Puristat.

2. How does Puristat work?

Puristat’s colon cleansing program lasts for seven days and you will be required to take certain tablets and capsules daily. The pills contain concentrated laxatives combined with all-natural ingredients to cleanse the colon.

3. What are the problems with Puristat?

i) The Puristat system contains too many active ingredients. Although you may not be allergic to any of the active ingredients, the combination of active ingredients may trigger an allergic reaction.

ii) Puristat contains ingredients that can be used safely in moderation, but may be harmful if taken for more than 7 days. For example, cascara sagrada is a natural herbal laxative that can be used safely for a week, but can cause severe abdominal pain and cramping if used for more than 7 days. Another example is the use of goldenseal, which contains the alkaloid berberine. Berberine is known to cause serious nerve and gastrointestinal problems if taken for more than 14 days.

In summary, although Puristat is an effective colon cleansing program, there are risks to its use or misuse. Check with your doctor before starting this program.

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