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Reduce fat on hips and thighs

Reduce fat on hips and thighs

Unlike the stomach, the fat on the hips and thighs is reduced only as a package. When you start a weight loss program, the first thing to go is the flabby weight from your stomach, followed by your thighs.

Some of us may simply have a wide frame and bone structure. But some overweight people have unusually large thighs and hips. Unfortunately, they are genetically prone to have more fat stored around the thighs and buttocks.

You can follow a special regimen of exercise and diet to reduce fat from thighs and hips, but you must be very patient. You cannot lose all the fat overnight, it will only burn gradually. There are no instant fixes for your fat, except maybe liposuction. But this procedure is expensive and ineffective.

The best way to reduce thigh and hip fat is through diet control. If you are overweight and most of this weight is concentrated in the thighs, buttocks and hips, you should follow a diet to lose weight with low-fat foods. A sensible diet plan should contain plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole carbohydrates that are low in fat and have a moderate amount of protein.

The way you eat and how you plan your meals is the main question. Despite what many websites and magazines may suggest otherwise, cutting all carbs out of your diet will get you nowhere. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in the body and cutting back on them will only make you feel tired and sick.

The best plan is to start the day with a bowl of cereal, say cornflakes. Avoid cereals full of sugar. For flavor just add some fresh fruits. Any condom will only increase your body fat. Have a healthy lunch filled with at least one salad. Avoid too much coffee and instead fill up on unsweetened fresh fruit juices. From time to time you can enjoy your favorite foods, but remember to moderate.

As mentioned before, there is no specific exercise to reduce thighs or hips and diet control will still be the best plan. Some exercises like cardio, which use the muscles of the entire body, are the best exercises to reduce the thighs and hips. The best cardio exercises that will help burn fat from the thighs and hips are aerobics, jumping (30 minutes), swimming (one hour), brisk walking (30-45 minutes) and cycling (30 minutes).

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