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Reuse site materials, a challenge for the future

Reuse site materials, a challenge for the future

Vou have certainly already seen them, at the foot of buildings in the process of being renovated: the containers, large skips of the “all-rounder” from urban construction sites. Office chairs, insulation, radiators, floor coverings… You can find everything there. For an uninformed passer-by, it’s a simple pile of trash. For Nicolas Smets, in charge of the BatiTerre project, it is rather a bunch of incredible resources to which a second life could have been given. “Too few construction materials are reused today,” regrets this young man, who has been engaged for a year to develop this project to upgrade construction materials. “However, companies could use different containers separating wood, electronic waste and inert materials. But the reality of the sector rather encourages paying a little more for a single container in which you can throw everything, often to go faster. On many sites, questions of circularity are not asked. “

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