Schindler’s Way

There is more than one way to actively fight tyranny. The obvious way is to organize a mass demonstration, where the protesters are subjected to maces, beatings, shots and taken to jail by the government police. If protesters go against a well-established tyrannical government, they can spend years of well-organized protests, and the anguish and pain associated with them, to achieve the desired goal.

Another, more subtle approach was made famous by Steven Spielberg’s academy award-winning film “Schindler’s List.” The film details how a German industrialist, Oskar Schindler, was able to save more than a thousand Jews from being sent to death camps during World War II.

Before World War II, Krakow, Poland’s Jewish population numbered more than 50,000. After Germany invaded Poland, the Jews were taken into crowded ghettos and faced all forms of abuse by the German occupying force. The SS seized Jewish properties and businesses and sold them to members of the Nazi party.

Schindler came to Poland in 1939 believing that he could earn a lot of money by taking advantage of the war. He quickly befriended local Gestapo leaders. He would give them money, women, and liquor. His connections helped him acquire a factory with Jewish labor. This factory produced enamel items and ammunition to supply the German front.

At first he seemed like a typical German industrialist, only concerned with profits and not really concerned with the means used to obtain them. But Schindler’s actions turned out to be very different. As more and more Jews began to be sent to death camps, Schindler began hiring more Jews for his factory. He hired unskilled workers and falsely reported that they had essential skills for the factory. He paid the Nazis to allow certain people to work in his factory. He got some wealthy Jews to invest money in his factory so that he could work there and save themselves from the holocaust. Later, Schindler used this money for the benefit of all.

In March 1943, the Germans closed the Krakow ghetto. The Jews were transferred to the Plaszow concentration camp on the outskirts of the city. Schindler’s Jews continued to work in his factory. He even convinced the Germans to build a special sub-camp for their workers. In the summer of 1944, the closure of Plaszow was ordered and the Jews moved to Auschwitz to be liquidated. Schindler, through the plea and bribery of senior German officials, convinced the Germans to move his factory to a new site in Czechoslovakia. It was then that he made the famous “Schindler’s list” of everyone who could move into his new factory. He took a thousand Jews from Plaszow to Czechoslovakia. Other workers were added to your employee roster from time to time for a variety of reasons. During this time, Schindler spent all of his money protecting his Jews and pretending that his factory was essential to the German war effort. In May 1945, the Russians liberated their factory. Schindler and his wife fled to Argentina and started farming. In 1958 he returned to Germany where he died in poverty in 1974.

Schindler is honored by the creative way he manipulated Germans for years and saved more than a thousand lives in the process. Have you ever thought about how many people Schindler would have saved if he “stood up” directly against German oppression? I suppose he would have been shot instantly or he would have ended up in a gas chamber at Auschwitz. His actions show that it is not always wise to “stand up” and “speak” when fighting an overwhelmingly powerful enemy.

In these times, where corporate aliens have gained tremendous power over our lives, it makes more sense to use creative techniques, as Oskar Schindler did, to combat their oppression. Below are some examples of how Schindler’s techniques can be used in today’s world.

Corporate aliens control most of today’s work environments. As a result, employees are being tracked, listened to or monitored. Everyone is constantly being told to be more productive, although productivity only benefits top management. Productivity and quality meetings are common. All corporate jobs have common bullying factors. Defending your rights in these settings will only get you fired. Instead, using Schindler’s techniques can be very helpful in maintaining your mental well-being. Pretend it’s a pleasure to come to work every day. Develop a strong friendship with your supervisor. Come, have dinner and make him happy. Keep your resume up to date and use it to get a higher paying position when the opportunity arises. Make the most of your sick days and personal days. Find subtle ways to blame management for any work-related problems. Don’t think of working as equivalent to being in a concentration camp. Do whatever is reasonable to secretly make your life less frustrating. Be creative.

Consider US companies like Google, Yahoo, and MSN in China. Could they really be secretly trying to help the government opposition? Are they really using Schindler’s tactics? If they are, for these tactics to be effective, they cannot advertise them. Does turning over a few dissidents mean they have become China’s pawn or are they really protecting thousands by turning over a few? Do we know enough to judge? Even if the companies themselves wholeheartedly collaborate with the government, couldn’t the employees of these companies use their company’s resources to secretly support the enemy? When we protest the actions of these companies, remember that if they did not establish their presence in China, it would not be possible to use subtle techniques to support the cause of freedom.

There has been a lot of talk recently that the US income tax is unconstitutional. Some people have gone to great lengths to interpret the constitution and show that income tax is against the law. Be that as it may, the government rules the country, and their interpretation of the constitution, despite what it actually says, is that income tax is legal and failure to comply can result in fines and imprisonment. Some of the people who have defended their constitutional rights are currently serving time in federal prison. Why not use the Schindler approach? The government facilitates legal tax reduction, with tax loopholes designed to help American businesses. Learn how to use these tax loopholes effectively. There may even be cases where you can get an income “under the table” that the IRS doesn’t know about. If you look at how governments use tax money, you know that the amount of tax they receive from the common man is totally unfair. But dealing with them will only result in more problems. Being creative can get much better results. Why go to jail?

As time passes, many “democratic” governments demand more and more individual rights. History has shown that when governments go too far, a revolution occurs. Using corporate alien techniques, populations are being conditioned to care more about the “World Series” or the “Super Bowl” than about their individual rights. In these circumstances, a revolution may never come, no matter how abusive the government becomes. And if a revolution comes, the new government is usually more oppressive than the one it just overthrew. For an individual living in these times, the only way to get any kind of justice is to use Schindler’s techniques to secretly achieve his goals amid government interference.

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