Shih Tzu Puppies for Sale: Why a Adult Dog May Be What You Need

If you’ve been dreaming of having your own Shih Tzu at home, raising one as a puppy may not be the best idea. Owning, caring for, and keeping a healthy and lovable Shih Tzu shouldn’t be an impulsive decision; Suppose you adore a friend’s trained and friendly Shih Tzu, does that mean you can breed one yourself?

Your home needs to be prepared. These puppies, by their nature, will relieve themselves when they feel like it; you must have prepared a section of your house where you can confine them. A Shih Tzu puppy to house train is already a challenge, because punishing him can only lead to doing what you don’t want him to do; the puppy may also turn off and become less sociable when punished. When you have established areas, a part of the kitchen or garage, and schedules, such as after you wake up from a nap or after eating, then the puppy will do what he thinks he wants, but in reality it is what you led him. to do; that’s positive reinforcement. Training many puppies at once can be, in the end, quite difficult. About the grooming part, a Shih Tzu should be groomed daily, at most every other day, can you do that?

If you did not know, choosing from adult dogs to puppies has advantages, in case you are not sure if a puppy is what you want. Adult dogs, as a general rule, are house-trained, so no more sleepless nights and potty accidents that you have to clean. The animal shelter staff will have also observed an adult puppy, and can be informed about a dog’s problem behavior or potential health problems.

You will also be helping the shelter, and indirectly other orphaned dogs, by adopting an adult dog, that’s because the shelter will be able to take in other abandoned dogs. However, if you are looking for a particular breed, you can find it at a shelter.

In a Shih Tzu rescue, for example, you can find all types of Shih Tzu, from the poorly bred to the purely bred, from the unhealthy to the overly friendly; you may not find the exact subrace you want. You may be better off looking for naturally reputable Shih Tzu breeders who may be in a better position to help you. If you are planning, for example, to get your Shih Tzu into a dog show, then you want your dog to pass conformation, something you may not be able to do with a puppy adopted from a shelter. Still, you might be lucky with a shelter, you will never know. Also, a shelter won’t cost you bundles of cash as you are adopting and not buying a Shih Tzu.

So before you jump in and buy the first litter of pups for sale that you see, keep the above considerations in mind before diving into this big compromise that affects your lifestyle and finances. You need to make some room for your puppies in your life, and that includes the dent you will notice in your finances, the space in your home and the arrangement you have become accustomed to, and the demands of these puppies in your time. and working hours.

Given these adjustments to make in your life, when looking for these puppies for sale, you may want to consider adopting adult puppies from animal rescues.

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