Stay home mom you need to raise cowboys

Now I know this is not how the song goes, my cousins ​​from central Texas dragged me to Gilley’s to hear that song live and they sang every word without missing a beat. So no emails about the title, please.

This type of cowboy would make your housewife proud of him anyway if you search for what he has done in the digital world. He’s a digital cowboy and his name is Dwayne Hendricks, the architect of TAPR Spread Spectrum Radio has been honored in ‘Wired Magazine’ as the ultra-broadband cowboy. That’s the kind of cowboy any housewife would be proud of …

As a forward-thinking entrepreneur, Dwayne Hendricks blazed a trail of wireless broadband access to Mongolia, Native American reservations, and isolated schools in Thailand.

The FCC’s Technology Advisory Council is where you fire up ideas about taking control of the government’s radio waves. Looking beyond ultra-wideband Wi-Fi and other technologies that should make licensing unnecessary, this would also allow wireless access for almost an unlimited number of people, managed by smart software on their devices.

A brief look at ultra-wideband, made up of very short, low-power pulses that could one day move information on a DVD around the house in seconds, yes, seconds. As soon as the kinks are fixed, most of the cables in your home could be used to jump rope, as the cable box sends something new to your TV, the DVD player sends movies to the PC wirelessly.

This may seem like a cake in the sky to a homeschooling homemaker, but when you empower them with the right technology, the sky is the limit. Just focus on the fact that your cowboy or cowgirl could help achieve the ability to move freely between Wi-Fi and cellular networks with just one bill to look at each month.

That single bill alone should motivate us to get our kids moving in the right direction … as digital cowboys and cowgirls.

You want to keep up with the wireless stuff for homeschoolers, stay home loves and such … stay ahead of the Joneses.

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