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Steps to Business Business Financing Options

Several specialized non-bank finance companies in Canada provide trade financing options. They provide a variety of corporate solutions, all different but allowing you to meet your cash flow and working capital goals. In fact, they are the answer to … you guessed it the “no bank financing” riddles.

The challenge for business owners and financial managers is to identify and execute who those sources are and what they can do for your company. Many companies and industries in fact have specialized needs.

When thinking about the right type of business financing for your business, it is important to think senior and junior! What do we mean by that comment? Simply that a senior lender will want all the security of his business, generally handled by a document called the GSA – General Security Agreement. Then it becomes a challenge to obtain other types of cash flow and debt solutions that cannot be monetized.

A good example of a senior lender is Canadian licensed banks. But when that source of capital isn’t available, many businesses these days choose asset-based lenders, allowing them to draw on various assets from their business but with more flexibility.

In some cases, your business may need a “bridging loan” – they solve a temporary capital shortage … they are a “bridge” to future refinancing of your business.

Leasing companies are one of those specialized asset lenders who finance both new and used equipment, even software. While many companies think they are eligible for venture capital or private equity financing, they are in fact poor candidates for that type of financing. Many owners and financial managers spend a lot of time and money on the venture capital / equity path, only to find that they are not ready for this type of equity solution.

Is there an end result? We think so, simply that if you are looking for a commercial finance company for debt and cash flow solutions, alternative non-bank lenders are a great option.

What types of financing can be obtained through alternative lenders? Indeed, they abound and business solutions are available in receivable financing, asset-based business lines of credit, tax credit financing, sale and leaseback strategies, franchise loans, receivable financing … also known as’ factoring. ‘, etc.

Find and speak to a trusted, credible, and experienced Canadian business finance advisor with a track record of success finding a non-bank business finance company in Canada.

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