Stuck doing short sales?  Don’t sell short

Stuck doing short sales? Don’t sell short

“It doesn’t matter what I wear as long as I do my job!”

“At this point in my career, I can’t justify spending money on clothes.”

“I don’t have the right kind of customers to buy nice clothes.”

These are all things you may be saying to yourself to justify clicking away from this article. However, you should hold out a little longer. A short sale means that the lender agrees to take a loss. If he is selling short, it means that he has agreed to take a loss. You’ve said, “In this particular area of ​​my life, I’m just going to have to lose. Life is kicking my ass, so I’m going to have to lose.” You are a loser?

If you said:

“Looking good doesn’t matter”

“If I weighed ten kilos less, I could dress well”

“If I earned more money, I would dress well”

You have accepted a loss. What does it look like to win? What are the thoughts of a winner?

“I look good in this dress!”

“I look like a million bucks!”

“I feel like I could sell anything in this outfit!”

“I wonder how many compliments I’ll get today.”

When was the last time you had winning thoughts? When you get ready in the morning and look in the mirror before going to work, ask yourself:

“Is this a win, or am I losing today?”

If the answer is that you are losing today, ask yourself what the repercussions of your decisions are. Want:

  • Don’t you feel so safe today?

  • Being anxious about your appearance all day?

  • Do you feel like a real estate professional who is not living up to your potential?

  • Do you feel insecure when you see a better dressed colleague?

  • Do you feel like you don’t deserve a new client?

  • Do you feel pessimistic about your career?

If you’ve been underestimating yourself for a while, you may not have even been aware of the consequences of your decision. But as with any recovery effort, the first step is acknowledging that a problem exists. For a while, that I am able to do as much as I can, acknowledge each time I have those thoughts.

The next step is action. Either you take steps to retrain your thought patterns, or you take steps to change the things you’re having trouble with. Those actions might be learning to dress better, committing to a weight loss plan, or starting a self-esteem program so you can learn to be happy at any weight. Whatever you do, you need to stop underestimating yourself.

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