SWTOR Buddy Guide – The Best Buddy for Any Class

As a SWTOR Companions guide, I’ll tell you which companion is best for any Star Wars: The Old Republic class. Since there is so much to choose from, choosing the right one will mean that you will be able to instantiate on your own. So which Companion is the best to use?

If you don’t know what a partner is in SWTOR, it’s an NPC that follows you wherever you go. He’ll fight alongside you, handle the crafting, and can even sell your junk loot, wherever you are. So having a helper like this is really cool. Even if some players say you don’t need them.

The first companion you get is meant to complete your own class. If you are a ranged class, your partner will be a close-range melee tank or a healer, or both. You can’t really choose your first partner as your quest line will connect you to one around level 9. But you will find more as you level up, so you will have to decide which one to take with you.

The best companion to take with you is a tank. Having one that can take a lot of damage is very helpful. You can tank an elite NPC while damaging them. Even if the partner dies, you will still have full HP and can defeat him. In case you don’t know what the tankmates are, here is a list by class, including the planet where you will find it.

Jedi Knight – S7-01 (Typhon) and Sargent Rusk (Hoth)

Jedi Consular – Qyzen Fess (Typhon) and Lieutenant Iressa (Hoth)

Smuggler – Corso Riggs (Ord Mantell) and Bowdarr (Nar Shadaa)

Soldier – M1-4X (Nar Shadaa) and Tanno Vik (Balmorra)

Sith Warrior – Lieutenant Pierce (Taris) and Broonmark (Hoth)

Sith Inquisitor – Khem Val (Korriban) and Xalek (Voss)

Imperial Agent – Scorpio (Belsavis) and Doctor Lokin (Taris)

Bounty Hunter: Blizz (Hoth) and Skadge (Belsavis) and Torian Caldera (Taris)

As you can see, most classes get their tanks as their first pet. For the others, you will have to settle for the ones you already have.

Some say it is better to get DPS. Well that’s not so unless you’re a tank yourself. The DPS partner will become aggressive very quickly and die. That will leave you without a large amount of damage and you will either die, or take a long time to defeat your target.

I’ve learned that a tankmate is better from the various beta sessions I’ve played, including live play. I just needed to see a guide from SWTOR Companions to know what kit to get for them and how to best play them.

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