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The 3 Most Common Obstacles to a Good Night’s Sleep That Get in the Way of Weight Loss Efforts

Sleep is very important to your health and well-being. You can’t hide under the rug when it comes to weight loss or gain.

Sleep plays a vital role in the repair and restoration of the entire human body. They say that sleeping is the best form of rest. Therefore, with a good night’s sleep, the body rejuvenates itself for the next day’s activities.

When I was a child, I hated the night. You know kids bubble with a lot of energy and I think that was the challenge I had. I played a lot and enjoyed the plays so much that I didn’t want night to come.

Today, as a busy adult, I begin to appreciate why Providence in His infinite wisdom did it day and night. It would have been a great struggle to lose weight and therefore difficult to maintain optimal health.

There are many distractions or interruptions to having a restful night’s rest. However, let me share with you the 3 most common impediments to a good night’s sleep.

(1) Eating heavy meals late at night

Satisfying yourself with heavy meals late at night is a recipe for losing some nighttime sleep. It causes digestive discomfort that interrupts your sleep, making it difficult for you to lose weight. When you eat late at night with large amounts of food in your stomach with a resulting increase in the rate of metabolism, it becomes increasingly difficult to fall asleep. To be on top of your weight loss game, try eating low-fat meals early in the evening around 6 p.m.

(2) Alcoholic beverages

They say that alcohol increases momentum but weakens performance. But let me attribute it to something else: the drowsiness. Alcohol tends to induce sleep at first, but causes an intermittent or early awakening in between. It contains a lot of carbohydrates. The high calories from alcohol coupled with sleep disruptions culminate in weight gain. And that’s why so many alcoholics develop bellies that work so hard to burn off those belly fats. So stay away from those baby bottles to lose weight and stay healthy.

(3) Snorers

Sometimes one of the biggest disturbances in your sleep comes from your bed partner. A couple of years ago, one of my next door neighbors snored a lot. Neighbors complained but his wife was undoubtedly the most vulnerable. There is no getting used to this! Unfortunately, alcohol and late night meals make snoring worse. Thank goodness we had gone our separate ways!

Today, fortunately, snoring has solutions. You should check this! If you sleep with a noisy bed partner, I recommend that you wear ear plugs to drown out the snoring.

Research has shown that deep sleep provides the platform to burn more calories and fat. In short, therefore, to lose weight, you need to get enough sleep. And that is why you need everything in your power to remove all obstacles to your sleep problems because it has a direct bearing on your desires to lose weight.

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