Le site de rencontres rendez-vous.be propose désormais le "video chat"

The dating site rendez-vous.be now offers “video chat”

Right now, singles write to each other a lot but don’t meet. For some, the video-meeting function could be a real plus!

The dating site rendez-vous.be has decided to bring single Internet users even closer together during this period of confinement by offering the video meeting function.

Online chats have surged across all apps and dating sites over the past few weeks. We can’t see each other anymore so we light up … while chatting! Online chats allow you to stay in touch but rendez-vous.be, which remains the pioneer of online dating in Belgium, now offers an additional functionality: that of offering the person with whom you are chatting to switch to video mode.

What to get some anxieties but perhaps the best way to prepare for a real meeting for later?

The platform is accessible via site and app.

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