The evolutionary revolution in the "Illuminati"

Someone I know via FB recently sent me a link to a video, with an accompanying message: “worth listening to” and “this is what we’re up against.”

This video supposedly exposed the “Illuminati” – the recited text is a list of the ways ‘they’ are manipulating and controlling the masses, along with horrifying visual images and incense.

First let me say that the text itself, when examined, contains multiple contradictions and an inherent fallacy that makes the whole exercise a terrible joke. Viewed objectively, the “covenant” is a cleverly crafted speech whose purpose is obviously to excite those with little understanding or discernment.

(The fact is, there doesn’t need to be an elite group of puppeteers manipulating the masses. The masses are well manipulated just by the advertising industry. The ads we see every day tell us that in order to be happy we have to look like this. , eating that and driving the other are enough to convince most to stay on the consumerism tape – spending the time, energy, and hard-earned money adjusting to the latest idea of ​​’en’ o ‘hip ‘: ruining life by chasing the carrot that always remains out of reach, and burdened with endless debt. A slave who imagines himself free.)

What my (well-intentioned I suppose) acquaintance and those who spread the alarm about this alleged clique apparently don’t realize, is that by circulating this material they are serving the very purpose of those they condemn: the spread of Fear and Aversion. : exciting the minds of the easily influenced to ineffective anger. The result is that those who engage in this kind of conspiracy theorism are rendered useless in Ignorance’s broader fight against the Enlightenment: because to compromise is to yield one’s energy to Ignorance. By insisting on insanity, or insanity, we feed it with energy (we witness the Palin phenomenon), and only by withdrawing one’s attention / energy can one become powerless. Where there is no reaction, there is no effect.

We are only in effect of what we recognize.

By ceasing to participate in the maelstrom promulgated by the media, whose main motive is profit and the secondary purpose of involving the population in the confusion of opinions, neutralizing them in the continuous process of overcoming ignorance, we take the position: we use our energy how we want it, not as you would like with us, in a reactive way.

Those who understand this principle of Self-Mastery – and recognize our Oneness – focus their energy and attention on spreading that which fosters Understanding, Harmony and Compassion, because in doing so we remove the false barriers that have been erected to divide and conquer, and incline the scale to the Light.

Be part of this intensifying phenomenon: embrace the Evolutionary Revolution and allow Consciousness to expand in you.

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