Les premières photos panoramiques de Mars dévoilées par la Nasa

The first panoramic photos of Mars unveiled by NASA

Just a week ago, the Perseverance robot landed on the planet Mars. For the first time, NASA was able to broadcast, a few days ago, the first videos shot by the rover, which was even able to capture a first sound on the red planet. Impressive, these videos helped show the landing of Perseverance, which was launched on Mars in the hope of uncovering traces of ancient life.

Little by little, Nasa is unveiling the images taken by the robot, and the space agency has released new photos, panoramic this time, of the surface of Mars.

Reconstructed thanks to several shots taken by Perseverance (in total, 142 360-degree photos were taken) thanks to high-definition cameras, these images show in particular the Jezero crater, which would have been a lake more than three billion years.

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