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The floor and the ceiling, gravity and reality

The reality cannot be avoided. It is a law like gravity, acceleration or deceleration. Reality can be controlled, but it cannot be avoided in any way. There are times when I would love to change the law to suit what I’m trying to do, purely. I know, reality is inevitable like the paper clip falling on the table under normal gravitational conditions on Earth. That’s all I can start this article with.

Each person has a reality in life that I mentioned earlier, in which they cannot win or lose, they just have to go with it. Also, the miracle does not happen and the Red Sea does not part either. To quote the 19th century financier Jay Gould on this phenomenon: “The perfect speculator, the perfect player, so to speak, must know when to get in; more importantly, he must know when to stay out; and most importantly, he must know when to get out once I’m inside. ” Success in a totally realistic situation is only achieved through the phenomena on that date and not otherwise. Trying to get what you want through a “genuine” trap is always ultimately disappointing on some level. The real shortcuts come from consciously going through it and looking for genuinely better ways by working at it, not cheating. Persistence and perseverance are usually the only paths through what I am actually presenting, everything else deceives you deeply on a personal level.

Runner Marion Jones realized this after she used performance-enhancing drugs and “sold her soul” to “win it all.” Same with cyclist Lance Armstrong. My point? No one has a really easy plan without “genuinely” cheating in some way and even when it “succeeds” it will catch up with you like a very bad episode of the late 20th century detective TV series “Columbo” Mystery Movie. In short, “the way out” is the path to the biggest problem from which you cannot escape. But, the path to a real solution comes down to fully admitting reality and working with it rather than trying to fool reality and get away with it for a while. So I almost ended this article with another Jay Gould quote on Wall Street: “No man can control Wall Street. Wall Street is like an ocean, full of eddies and currents. What you have to do is observe them, exercise a little common sense. , and in the decline of speculation to reach the top “. and I paraphrase that quote with a meaning more applicable to this article: “No one can control reality. Reality is like an ocean, full of eddies and currents. What you have to do is observe them, exercise a little common sense, and in the decrease in work or speculation to get to the top. ” This is how I see it genuinely and always. There are no miracles here. Just conscious understanding, reminding myself, remembering my limitations, and honestly working on everything. This is the floor, the walls, and the ceiling. The house of everything, for me.

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