L'appli Happn étend son rayon de croisement "pour ne laisser personne isolé, le temps du confinement"

The Happn app extends its crossover radius “to leave no one isolated, the time of confinement”

With the containment measures, the application is extending its field of meeting possibilities to allow e-meetings and … finds that it catches a lot!

After the government’s announcement of a confinement period, which will most likely be extended, the dating application announces that it will extend its radius of crossings, initially from 250 m around the user, to 90 km. ” This exceptional situation leads to forced isolation, difficult to live with, and even more so for single people. In this context of containment, a number of our users have expressed their concern to us, as the number of people they meet each day on the application was starting to drop seriously. We know the role of social link that we have, as a dating application, and this is the reason why we have decided to extend the radius of the people we meet up to 90 km so as not to leave anyone isolated, during the confinement. “explains Didier Rappaport, CEO of happyn

In the application, two categories will be visible from today “those whom you have crossed” and “those whom you could have crossed”. This last category will be activated when the first one is empty in the event that users have no longer seen new people.

The impact of confinement on dating? happn could see that in countries like Italy, there was a drop in connections at the time of government announcements. Once the state of shock passed, the app could see the beginning of a resumption of connections, and above all, many more messages exchanged in the application.

This is easily explained: the users, unable to remain isolated or to meet, prolong their exchanges in writing. Following an in-app survey launched the week of March 9, 54% even said they were considering making the famous “1st date” on video, and this figure continues to increase.

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