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The humble classified only earns good pennies

Have you ever wondered which form of advertising is best for you?

The answer is the method you can afford that will win

you are the best value for your money.

In recent years, I have received a call from advertisers

wondering which service I would choose if I were them.

My number one answer above all answers? The class.sified

add; Nothing beats the 6 line class. Rated for long distances.


For one, the price is right.

The weekly little town we used to pick up for free

charged 10 cents a word, regardless of its length. some papers

you can charge higher, some lower, but if (for the sake of examples)

each word in your ad was 5 characters long, using all 6 lines

of space available, that ad in the local newspaper would run


The circulation of my example newspaper had a potential

readers of 15,000 give or take a few hundred – those

traveling and picking up something to read in

the local gas station or the small casino.

Now consider the online class.sified ad.

As of this writing, My Wizard Ads has potential

readers of more than 1 million.

That same 6 line, 60 character per line ad will cost

you $25, but anyone can join the two-tier MWA

free affiliate program and, using your own

url, save an additional 35%.

Your total outlay is $16.25 to reach a potential

a million (join first and click your own URL before

making any order.)

Now, let’s go back to the example of our local newspaper.

up for just a second.

To simplify the math, let’s say the first local newspaper

has 15 thousand readers, but I want to make sure that my

The ad reaches a million potential readers.

Suppose also that I want to get to a smaller and tighter place.

community of readers, so I set my total number of readers


After diligent research I managed to find more

out-of-area newspapers each with 40,000

potential readers. To reach my million mark,

I would need to locate another 24 papers, plus one

25K circulation (plus my original 15K) for a total

of 26 newspapers.

My next step would be to contact them by phone.

or mail (or maybe the Internet) and place that ad


The Total Cost to Reach My Million Potential

print readers, assuming they each charge 10 cents

per word? …$187.20

But keep in mind that doesn’t include my time,

postage or long distance. Nor does it include

printing paper and ink or gasoline for that trip

to the post office if necessary.


Online 1 million… $16.25

Offline 1 million… $187.20 more, more, more.

[This is conservative for offline a.dvertising.

I recently received an email from a friend who

paid $500 to one magazine with a potential

800,000 readers.]

So now we have an idea of ​​the cost.

Let’s get back to why I’m writing about

Online class of 6 lines, ranked first.

The 6-line class.sified ad:

1. It is easy to install

2. Reach a large number of potential readers

3. It’s full of readers looking for that perfect

program, product or service

4. It is affordable (top priority).

Your starting point? A monthly budgeted class.

The cost is feasible and the budget you should. Online

marketing is not an instant approach. You

must be systematic and consistent month after month

After one month.

Now you know that setting aside less than $20 a month

will keep your text ad in front of millions, and you

you must keep it there for the most obvious of reasons.

Does the Pepsi commercial expect you to jump up and

are out to buy that Pepsi now? No, but they are

betting that you will remember it the next time you go to the supermarket

you buy how much you would love that Pepsi.

How many times have you read an advertisement, overlooked it for

the moment, I saw it again, again I jumped at the chance,

I’ve seen it again, etc., etc., until ready! you click

the link and discover “oh my!” this is what i’ve been


Think… Longevity, patience and budget are the same

brand equals sales.

Will your class.sified do all the work for you?

No, he will not. Does it fulfill its purpose for the brand?

your ad in the minds of readers at an affordable price

budgeted monthly price? It certainly does.

Should you continue at that point with solos and

website traffic, and maybe guaranteed signs or

Guides? your bet

But for those with limited funds, go for class.sified.

For those with greater means? Still don’t forget

the humble classified 🙂

Marketing and getting traffic is a never-ending process.

search of the intelligent promoter of the Internet. The hunting of

and making use of additional fr.ee and pa.id

Posturing methods, for example, are JOB. You may

Never have to leave your house, you may never

Take off your pajamas, but it’s still a JOB.

Every company must have a plan and a workable plan,

manageable advertising budget choose what you can

solve. Commit to a long-haul mindset and

Implement it.

It only makes pennies.

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